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What size bed do I need to buy for my cat or dog?

Size Average diameter measurement Suitable for...  
Small 50-60cm Small cats Shop all small pet beds
Small dogs e.g.
Yorkshire Terrier
Medium 60-70cm Large cats Shop all medium pet beds
Small dogs e.g.
Large 70-80cm Medium sized dogs e.g. Shop all large pet beds
Extra Large 80-90cm Large dogs e.g. Shop all extra large pet beds

What are the different
pet bed styles?

Donut pet bed

These create a cosy environment with their round shape, supporting cushioned centre and bolstered sides.

They are ideal for pets wanting to curl up snugly and burrow themselves into a bed.

Igloo pet bed

This type of bed provides cover all the way around, with a small hole at the front for your cat to get in.

They are designed for optimum cosiness, to give your cat or kitten a safe and secure place for them to curl up and sleep.

Oval pet bed

These tend to have raised sides, with a lowered section at the front for furry friend to climb in easily.

They are less restricting than donut beds, and allow a little more room for stretching.

Mattress pet bed

Similar to a mattress for people, this type of bed has no sides. This is perfect for large dogs who like to stretch out and need lots of space.


What are the different materials available?

Plastic pet beds

These types of beds can be more hygienic as they will not retain moisture if your pet has an accident, preventing any potential of mould or mildew. They are also easier to clean and more durable than beds made from other materials.

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Waterproof pet beds

These will not absorb water or any other liquid, making them ideal for pets that jump straight into their bed after playing around in puddles or those prone to accidents. Most can just be wiped clean using a damp cloth between washes.

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Memory foam pet beds

They provide the upmost amount of comfort, helping to support your pet's weight whilst moulding to their body shape. They are perfect for older dogs and cats that suffer from aches and pains in their muscles and joints.

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Tips for buying beds to suit your pet's needs

For dogs with allergies:

It's best to get a bed that is hypoallergenic. Any bed that is should have it clearly labelled as such so you will know with certainty.

For dogs that like to chew or dig:

Sturdy beds made from durable material are best so you can avoid having to replace your pup's bed regularly.

Avoid beds with any extra attachments on the outside like zips or buttons.

For senior cats:

Memory foam bedding will help to support aging joints.

Try to avoid beds with high sides and deep padding and go for materials like fleece as older cats prefer warmer beds.

For cats that like to climb:

Consider getting a scratching post bed that will double as a sleeping place. This will mean they will be able to get the satisfaction out of climbing before going to rest.

Will my cat or dog bed be easy to clean?

Some beds will be easier to clean than others but a lot of our pet beds are machine washable. It's generally recommended that they are washed on a gentle setting, at a lower temperature. Some also have removable inner padding, or removable covers to make the cleaning even easier.

For in between washes, it may be worth investing in a pet vacuum cleaner to help remove stubborn fur and hairs from the different materials.

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