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Botanist bedroom and living room.


Introduce some summertime serenity into your home with this botanical collection inspired by British countryside gardens. Stay for a while, breathe in the fresh floral fragrance and enjoy the classic furniture, soft neutral colours, and charming knick knacks.

Invite the outside in

Voile drapes let mellow mood-boosting sunlight dapple in. Light wood furniture continues the theme and, of course, flora must feature. Make a "secret garden" with open shelving blooming with storybook-worthy trinkets and delicate foliage. No green thumb required: faux flowers or terrariums mean zero upkeep.

Botanist chair

Colour palette: Spring florals

For this calming colour palette think of country gardens, with the soothing hues of lush foliage and delicate flowers set against light oak furniture. 'Fresh' doesn't have to mean washed out: this bumble-bee yellow armchair is the perfect example of how to introduce happy brights to your colour scheme.

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Don't be afraid to mix floral prints

Against a simple neutral backdrop you can use patterned textiles and accessories to evoke the beauty of wild meadow gardens. Sticking to delicate, illustrative florals (rather than bold or cartoonish designs) gives you the freedom to layer up the motifs without tipping into a look that's too kitsch.

Botanist bedroom

Shapes and textures should be soft

Avoid harsh lines and square shaping. Instead, opt for furniture with soft, curvaceous styling and rounded edges. Up the feel-factor with strokable accessories too; a fluffy rug, brushed throws, silky cotton sheets all help to make the room irresistibly inviting.

Brighten with white & light woods

If your space feels a little cramped you can freshen it up by keeping key furniture pieces bright. Solid wood fits the style and white painted finishes help to reflect natural light around the room. Cool greys have a similar effect, and if space or light isn't a concern you can venture into more charcoal tones.

The 'any-room' accessories to nail this trend

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