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Baby Proofing

As children learn to grasp, crawl and walk, they're going to be exploring your home and everything in it. It's important to babyproof from top to bottom to keep them safe and avoid any unexpected accidents.


Child Safety Locks

Add child safety locks to all your cupboards and place any harmful cleaning liquids or medicine in high cupboards. You should also keep worktops clear to stop young hands grabbing any pan handles or power cables they might spot.

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Safety Gates

Kids are bound to be curious while you're cooking, so use a baby safety gate to keep them safely in another room while food is being prepared. You can use safety knob covers to stop them turning things on and a baby fire guard to keep them away from the warm oven door.

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Non-Slip Bath Mats

Prevent any slips and bumps in the bath with a non-slip mat. Store bathroom bottles in a high place away from curious hands and remove anything they might want to climb, like a clothes airer or washing basket.

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Corner cushions and safety straps

Falls and slips are inevitable, so use corner cushions on furniture like coffee tables and TV units to make sure there's no serious injuries if they fall against them. If you have a fireplace, use a fireguard to keep them well away. You can also use safety straps or tethers to secure furniture to the wall - anything that could tip, like bookcases and display cabinets. Try to keep any power cables or chargers out of reach as well.

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Home safety

Block all plug sockets with covers and get a baby safety gate to keep them from climbing the stairs when you're not looking. Make sure you have window restrictors, which stop them falling outside or getting fingers caught. You can prevent them trapping their fingers in doors by using an edge guard to block the area around the hinges.

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It's hard to tell how pets will react to your new arrival, so it's best to take some precautions. Dogs can be curious, and get a little jealous, so try to give them special attention where possible. Cats can be quite blasé (as usual), but sometimes like to get close to the cot or crib for warmth. It's best to never leave baby and pets together unsupervised, and use baby gates to keep them separated at other times. You should also keep pet toys, food, beds and litter trays out of reach of little hands.



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