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Apple Watch Series 3

Elevated in every way

Smart activity coaching. An enhanced Heart Rate app. Your favourite playlists right on your wrist. A built-in altimeter. And a more powerful processor that lets Siri speak to you. Introducing Apple Watch Series 3. Now you can be more active, motivated and connected than ever.1

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Ultimate Sports Watch - Take your workouts further
GPS and Altimeter - See how far and high you go
Music - Stay motivated with your favourite playlists on your wrist. <sup>2</sup>
Swimproof - Always ready for the pool or ocean. <sup>3</sup>
Workout App - Track a casual hike, an intense ride and everything in between.
Intelligent Activity Tracker - Three rings. One goal.
Move, Exercise, Stand - Make closing all three Activity rings your goal each day.
Smart Coaching - A nudge when you need it.
Activity Sharing - Stay motivated by competing with and cheering on your friends.
Achievements - Apple Watch celebrates each milestone with you.
Powerful Health Tool - Keep your body top of mind.
Heart Rate App - Keep tabs on your resting, walking and workout recovery heart rate.
Breathe App - Quiet your mind. Relax your body.
Third-Party Health Apps - Drink more water. Improve your sleep. Be a healthier you.
Health app on iPhone - One app for all your health and fitness data.
All-Day Assistant - Run your day. Right from your wrist.
Phone and Messages - Send Messages, make calls, get meeting invitations.
Siri - Now Siri is faster and smarter. And speaks from your watch.
Watch faces - All kinds of faces. All custimisable.
Apps and Notifications - Never miss what matters.
There's an Apple Watch for everyone.

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