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Image of a family, 2 parents and 2 children.
Canon Family Cameras

The best family Canon cameras to help you capture every precious memory in stunning detail.

Image of a man with water falling around him.
Canon Travel Cameras

Canon travel cameras packed with features to capture city or countryside, plus Wi-Fi to share with everyone back home.

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Canon Everyday Cameras

Planned or spur-of-the-moment, these Canon cameras help you capture treasured memories on the go.

Image of a woman taking a scenic picture with a Canon DSLR camera.
Professional Canon Photography Cameras

Express your passion and photograph everything from wide angle landscapes to extreme wildlife with Canon photography cameras.

Key Tech Guide

Modern day cameras are mostly digital, and they capture images as small dots of information, known as pixels. Simply put, a megapixel (MP) is equal to one million pixels. Digital images are made up of thousands of these tiny pixels. The more pixels, the higher the image resolution or quality of the photo. As a rough guide, a good starting point for high quality photos is about 10MP. If you want to enlarge your photos the higher the MP count the better. This will ensure the quality is retained.

Image showing the sensor size on different types of Canon cameras.

The sensor captures the light coming into a camera. The bigger the sensor size, the more information is captured and therefore the better the quality. The largest size is 'Full Frame', then 'APS-C', traditionally used in SLR cameras. Smaller compact cameras tend to have smaller sensors due to the cameras size, but these are generally larger than most smartphones. There are some premium compacts such as Canon's GX series that use a 1-inch sensor.

High End Ranges

Full Frame
36.00 x 24.00 mm

Entry & Mid Ranges

APS-C (Canon)
22.20 x 14.80 mm

Expert Compacts

2.80 x 9.60 mm


6.17 x 4.55 mm

Up to 6 Frames per Sec.

Most photos we take are probably just one shot or click of the camera. However, if you want to be sure to capture fast moving objects (e.g. in sport or wildlife) you might need to take multiple shots in one go. The speed at which a camera can take a succession of shots, or frames, is measured in 'frames per second'. For example, a camera rated at 6 frames per second will be twice as fast as one that can shoot at 3 frames per second.

3 images showing 3 frames captured with a Canon camera of a skateboarder performing a jump.
ISO 25600 & 12800

A camera essentially takes photos by capturing light through the lens. If you're in the dark, there is less light for the camera to capture which can have an impact on results. The way to help combat this is to make the sensor more sensitive to light, so it captures more of it. The ISO rating is an industry standard measurement of how sensitive a sensor is. Essentially, the higher the ISO number e.g. 800, 1000, 5000, the more sensitive the camera is to light, allowing you to get better photos in lower light conditions.

Image of a large ship on a river with lights all over the ship captured in very low light.
Image showing various AF Points

AF, or autofocus, uses points to enable a camera to focus on a subject. When you press the shutter on a camera you will probably see the AF points light up in the viewfinder or on the display screen. If a camera has a higher number of AF points it covers a larger area of focus, making it particularly useful if you have a moving subject. It also enables you to be more creative with your photography.

Image of the back of a Canon camera with the AF display on the screen and the image capture area imposed infront of the camera.
Cloud with question mark in it
Depending on your needs, here's some other features you should look out for and consider when buying a camera:
  • WiFi: Does it have easy connectivity for me to upload images to the internet?
  • LCD Screen: Is it important for me to have a touchscreen for using the camera more easily or a flip out screen?
  • Video: Is the ability for the camera to be able to capture video footage important too?
  • IS or image stabilisation – this reduces camera shake, an especially important feature when you are moving.
  • Will you be shooting at night or in darker surroundings? If so, make sure you have a bigger sensor to capture the light and you have a decent ISO capability.
  • Storage: Where will I store and back up my images? Do I need a device to do this or should I use a cloud based storage solution?

Choosing A Lens Made Easy

 Image of a Canon 18-55mm lens. Get started.

Canon 18-55mm lens

Gives a similar angle of view to the human eye.

It can 'zoom' between 18mm and 55mm and great for things like family, holiday, and general everyday photos.

Image of a Canon 18mm Photo.
Image of a Canon 55mm Photo.
Image of a Canon zoom lense. Get closer.

Canon Zoom lenses

Long zoom capability gets you closer in if you're watching from a distance and want to get close to the action.

The 55-250mm gives a powerful zoom range capability.

Image of a Canon 55mm Photo.
Image of a Canon 250mm Photo.
Image of a Canon wide-angle lens. Get more in.

Canon Wide-Angle lenses

Getting up close with a wide angle view.

The lens is designed to get a lot into your images - ideal if you want to take large group shots up close.

Canon Mobile Apps

Image of a close up of a Smart phone with the Canon Photo Companion App activated.

Canon Photo Companion App

Get to know your camera as you're guided through the basics of photography with step-by-step exercises and hands on video tutorials, suitable for all cameras, in one place.

Image Storage Solutions

Image of a girl in an open kayak on a lake surrounded by fir trees.
Irista Logo.

The smart, safe home for your photos from Canon

Free up space on your smartphone and keep your memories safe. Upload via Wi-Fi or just simply plug your camera into your computer. Create galleries and privately share with anyone.

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