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Argos Mobile Phone Care

For mobile phones under £200. Provided by Domestic & General Insurance PLC

Why not cover your new mobile phone?

What would you do if your new mobile phone was stolen, or if you accidently put it through the wash? Buying a new one can be expensive and it's sometimes a hassle too. But if you take out Argos Mobile Phone Care, provided by Domestic & General, you could save yourself the trouble. Because if your phone is stolen or broken by accident, you'll get a replacement or vouchers at no extra cost.

What's included with Argos Mobile Phone Care?

  • Accidental damage, including smashed screens and waterlogged circuits
  • Theft from your home, your pocket or your bag
  • Up to 90 days' worldwide protection within a 12 month period
  • A replacement or vouchers if your phone needs to be replaced

There's no excess to pay if you claim.

What's not included?

  • Loss of phones left unattended in a public place
  • Cosmetic damage like scratches and dents
  • Any credit that was on your phone when it was broken or stolen
  • Mobile phone accessories, like cases or screen covers
  • Please note your phone is not covered for data loss, so please remember to regularly back it up

For a full list of exclusions and restrictions, please see the terms and conditions.

12 months' cover starting from £6.99*

With Argos Mobile Phone Care, you could get 12 months' protection from £6.99. Cover is available for pay-as-you-go or SIM-free mobile phones with an original purchase price of less than £200.

*£6.99 price is for 12 months' protection for a pay-as-you-go and SIM-free mobile phones with a purchase price from £19.99 to £24.99.

Feel protected in 3 easy steps

    1) Select the phone you'd like to purchase
    2) Take out Argos Mobile Phone Care, created for those 'oh no' moments
    3) Sit back and relax knowing that if something goes wrong, we'll be there to help

This is a summary of information, more details can be found in our Argos Mobile Phone Care leaflet. You can download it from here or pick up a copy in any Argos store.

If your phone is stolen...

From your home, pocket or your bag, including when you're on holiday (for up to 90 days), you'll be covered with Mobile Phone Care.

Remember, you've got 45 days to protect your phone with Argos!

You have 45 days from the day you bought your mobile phone to get covered. Simply pop back in store with your original purchase receipt and a member of staff will help you.

Please note, your phone must be in good working order when you take out the policy.

Whether your phone is stolen or broken by accident, you'll need:

  • Your receipt for the product itself
  • Your receipt for Argos Mobile Phone Care
  • Your Argos Mobile Phone Care leaflet if bought in store

Once you've received a replacement or vouchers, your policy will end.

Mobile Phone Care – up to 12 months' care
Cost of Mobile Phone Price Cat No.
£19.99 – £24.99 £6.99 884/0626
£25 – £49.99 £12.99 884/0633
£50 – £99.99 £24.99 884/0640
£100 – £149.99 £34.99 884/0743
£150 – £200 £49.99 884/0657

This policy ends when a claim has been made. Prices are valid from 16 July 2016 and are inclusive of all applicable taxes. We reserve the right to alter the fees at our discretion without prior notice. Don't include the cost of your mobile phone top-up credit when calculating the price of your mobile phone.

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