Promotional codes

Fancy some money off?

Did someone say ‘money off’?...

Check out our latest promo codes and save, save, save while you spend, spend, spend.

Already nabbed yourself a code?

Lucky you! Here’s how to use it…

  1. Copy the code (or scribble it down).
  2. Paste or enter the code at the payment stage.
  3. Click ‘Apply.’
  4. Voilà! You’re done!

order summary box example

Keep an eye out for the above box. This is where you’ll need to enter your code.


Yep, you can now use your plastic or cardboard gift card or voucher online, just as long as…

  • your card hasn’t expired
  • it has a 4-digit security pin
  • the card number starts with 10000

If your gift card doesn't have a 4-digit pin, you can’t use it online but you can still use it in-store.

Some of our active online codes can be used in-store – simply check the Ts & Cs. If your code is valid in-store, just quote it at the till.

Double check the following things:

  1. See the Ts & Cs to check your code is valid for your purchase. Some codes are only redeemable:
    a) on certain products or ranges
    b) when you spend over a certain amount
  2. Check the code is still in-date. Just look at our active codes – these are all the ones that are still valid.
  3. Are you trying to use a gift voucher code in the promotional code field?
  4. Try entering your code one more time, checking the spelling and capital letters.

At this precise moment in time, you can use Love2shop/flexecash but only for Fast Track collection orders.

You can in-store but not online (yet).

You can in-store but not online (yet).

Promotional codes give you great savings, from money off purchases to free delivery, and can be found dotted around our site.

Gift vouchers are offered to customers who spend over a certain amount. They give you money off a later shop.

Feel free to use as many different codes on your order as you like (we’re nice like that). Just enter each code and click ‘Apply’ at the payment stage. Easy.

Lots of our codes can be used with other offers. Just check the Ts & Cs to be doubly sure.

Currently, the maximum number you can use is 3.

You can pay for your order in full with gift cards or gift vouchers. Alternatively, you can pay for one part with gift cards/gift vouchers and the other part with a credit/debit card or Argos store card.

PS Remember – you can’t use gift cards/gift vouchers together with PayPal.

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