Gift cards

Especially for them

Our gift cards come in any amount between £1 and £500. Whether your loved one spends it straight away or puts it towards something special, they get to choose what they want... what they really, really want.*

* Bonus points for getting the cringey Spice Girls reference.

The perfect treat for your staff

Decisions... Decisions... Solution! Everyone gets an Argos Gift Card to spend on whatever they like.

Easier than arranging an away-day. Shows how much you care in cash-based terms. Gets you in less trouble with HR than taking everyone out for a boozy lunch.

PS Our business gift cards are available for amounts of £250+ (hey, big spender!)


If the date has been and gone then we can’t replace it for you (sorry). That’s why we urge anyone who receives a card to double-check the expiry date on the back.

Our gift cards are usually valid for 3 years. So there should be plenty of time to decide what you fancy.

Any questions? Just give us a call on 0371 384 3532.

Yep, you can now use your plastic or cardboard gift card or voucher online, just as long as…

  • your card hasn’t expired
  • it has a 4-digit security pin
  • the card number starts with 10000

If your gift card doesn't have a 4-digit pin, you can’t use it online but you can still use it in-store.

Not at the moment, no. But we are revamping our kiosks, so you never know what might happen in the future…

Head to Your Account, click on GIFT CARDS and use our simple balance checker.

When you reach the balance checker, enter these 2 numbers:

1) the 20-digit number on the front or back of your card

2) the PIN number on the back

Can't find your PIN number? You can still use it in store.

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