Can I return my item if there's something wrong with it?

First, we recommend you check our support site to see if we can solve your issue and save you the trouble of returning your item.

Then, if you’re still having problems, try this…

If you’ve had it for 30 days or less:

Just bring it back or get in touch (Live Chat us below). If the item is faulty, you’ll get the choice of a repair, replacement or refund.

Live Chat is the quickest way to talk to a real-life person at Argos. It's available every day from 7am-9.45pm.

If you'd prefer, you can also contact us in other ways.

If you’ve had it for over 30 days but less than 1 year:

We’ll assess what’s wrong and then we’ll usually:

  • arrange a free repair
  • or send round an engineer
  • or offer you a refund

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