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Wearable tech is the latest must-have accessory. From smart watches to fitness trackers, seamlessly sync your phone, emails, Wi-Fi and apps. Find the right tech for you and you'll soon see how easy it is to achieve big things, from small screens.

Best wearable tech for you

Fitness enthusiasts

Track performance, monitor your health and listen to your favourite playlists. Fitness trackers are ideal for that encouraging push into exercise or for recording your progress towards a goal.


  • Suitable for multiple sports.

  • Syncs to apps, Wi-Fi and other devices.

  • Long battery life.

  • Monitors your sleep.

  • Daily trackers for steps taken and distance travelled.

  • Water resistant.

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The networker

Smart watches stylishly sync with your smartphone, so you can instantly access your emails, apps and camera. Keeping you connected whilst you’re on the go.


  • Phone and app notifications.

  • Everyday activity tracker.

  • Water resistant.

  • Sleep tracker.

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Thrill seeker

Stream life as you live it. From smart watches to action cameras, you can track your heartrate, capture adrenaline-fueled moments and post it all to your social media account.


  • Camera / camcorder.

  • Touchscreen and voice control options.

  • Phone and app notifications.

  • Syncs to apps and other devices.

  • Water resistant.

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For the kids

Action cameras, smart watches or activity trackers. Let them have fun and develop their tech knowledge as they explore voice recognition and touch screen options.


  • Water resistant.

  • Educational games and activities.

  • Camera / camcorder.

  • Touch screen and voice control options.

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Fashionable brands

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Smart watch or fitness tracker?

Watch and wear

A smart watch is an extension of your smartphone, so you'll need to find a compatible model. Once connected, you can easily take calls, send emails and access apps. Some models have fitness trackers too.

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Fashionable gadgets

A fitness tracker will record steps taken, calories burnt and your sleep quality. Advanced models can also measure your heart rate and track GPS. If you don’t need everything all on one wrist, this might suit you better.

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Smart accessories


Customise your comfort and enjoy great sounds with on-ear or in-ear options. Or how about wireless to avoid any tangled wires when commuting or exercising. Simply pick from a selection of headphones to suit your lifestyle.

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Audio sunglasses

Say hello to the first audio sunglasses from Bose. Cleverly hidden within stylish frames, you can simply play music and take calls. Choose between two classic looks and embrace a whole new world of immersive sound.

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