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Vegan recipes

Explore our vegan meal ideas and the kitchen kit to help you make them.

Vegan recipes.

What is vegan?

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Vegans actively choose a lifestyle which avoids the exploitation of animals. Whether it’s for ethical, environmental, religious or health reasons, veganism is a popular choice.


What is a vegan diet?

It’s avoiding any animal derived ingredients and swapping them for plant-based options like whole grains, tofu, nuts, seeds, legumes and more, to create nutritious and appetising meals.

Vegan alternatives


Here you have a lot of choice. Pick between almond, cashew, coconut or hazelnut, depending on what your baking and the flavour you want to achieve.


Chia and flax seeds are a great substitute. Once combined with water and a little baking soda, the fats, moisture and fibre in these seeds help mimic an egg.


Supermarkets have a great vegan range, you just need to match the right cheese to your dish. For example, MozzaRisella will give you that creamy, stringy cheese ideal for pizza.


Look for oil-based butters such as sunflower, olive or vegetable. There are also nut flavoured butters which are delicious but will alter the flavour of your meal.

Prepping vegan meals

Before you start, make sure you've got all the essential kitchen kit to help you with your meal prep…

Fruit and vegetables in a juicer.

Fast food processors

With multiple blades, this handy sous chef can easily slice, dice or grind your fruit and veg. Saving you time and energy.

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Health grill on table.

Great grills

A grill offers a healthier and different way to cook veg, tofu or pittas. They speed up cooking and are easy to clean too.

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Vegetables cooking in a wok.

Classic cookware

Think non-stick pots and pans for stress-free cooking, along with casserole dishes, woks and roasting tins for any recipe. 

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Utensils in a pot on the kitchen side.

Useful utensils

It’s important to use separate utensils with vegan dishes, to avoid any cross-contamination. We've got everything you need right here...

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Easy vegan dinners

Batch cooking is an easy way to not stress over what to cook – by splitting up bigger portions, you’ve always got a vegan dish ready to go.

Slow cooker on kitchen side.

Super slow cookers

Simply pop all your ingredients into the pot and set it cooking whilst you go about your day, and come home to the perfect feast.

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Blender surrounded by fruit and smoothies.

Brilliant blenders

Blenders can breakdown the goodness from your ingredients skin, inners and juices, to create smooth sauces or pastes.

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Soup in a soup maker.

Marvellous soup makers

Try some tasty vegan soup recipes – full of flavoursome ingredients, they’re heart-warmingly filling and so easy to create with a soup maker.

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Food neatly stacked in storage containers.

Stock up on storage

Don’t let your meals go to waste – pick up sealable and stackable containers to keep your homemade dishes fresh, ready for any mealtime.

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Vegan desserts

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment to create those mouth-watering vegan treats...

Stand mixer on a kitchen side.

Showstopper stand mixers

From cakes and brownies, to pasty and dough, a stand mixer gives you a smooth and even mixture whilst you carry on with the rest of the recipe.

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Hand mixer on kitchen side.

Helpful hand mixers

For smaller portions, and smaller kitchens, a hand mixer can help speed up whizzing all your ingredients together.

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Freshly baked cakes in a cake tin.

Star bakeware

Deep dishes, non-stick and easy-grab trays will make baking a breeze. Don’t forget your kitchen scales and mixing bowls too.


Mixing bowls

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Vegan nutrition

Bag of vegan supplements.

Vegan supplements

Packed full of natural colours and flavours, these vegan nutritional aids are high in protein, low in sugar and saturated fat – and still taste great.

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Easy vegan recipes

Cooked cottage pie in dish.

Vegan cottage pie

This winter warmer is the perfect Sunday family dinner go-to.

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Freshly made smoothie in a glass.

Orange, passion fruit and mango smoothie

A healthy and tasty way to get some of your 5-a-day, any time of day. .

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Sliced, vegan pizza.

Vegan green pizza

Pistachios, rocket, pesto and courgette on a pizza - trust us, it works!

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3 cooked pancakes on a plate.

Easy vegan pancakes

Master the basics with 3 ingredients, then get adventurous with your toppings.

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