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How to choose the best TV...

A group of friends watching a football game on a TV sitting on a sofa.

Not sure where to start?

Choosing the right TV is a big decision, and a big investment. So it’s a good idea to look through this television guide and take some time to consider the following factors:

This will then help you decide which screen size and type will be best suited for your needs whether it's for catching a movie or watching a football game with your friends.

What are you using your TV for?

If you know what you need but like to shop on recommendations, here are some customer favourites for you:

TV screen sizes

This depends on where your TV will be placed, what you're using it for and how many people will be watching it. The screen size is measured diagonally, from corner to corner. If your TV is going into a particular space, pay attention to the measurements of the whole TV, which are listed in the product description.

19 - 43 inches.

19 - 43 inches.

Your everyday TV – great for kitchens, conservatories and bedrooms.

44 - 50 inches.

44 - 50 inches

A suitable size for watching everyday TV and movies, in many living rooms.

55 - 60 inches.

55 - 60 inches

Bigger screens for larger rooms, and for those who love sport, movies or gaming.

65+ inches.

65+ inches

The biggest TVs for the ultimate viewing experience. Ideal for larger spaces.

TVs by brand

TV screen types

Most TVs today are smart, thin, and have great picture quality. For general-purpose use, it's easy to make a choice. But if you are looking for something perfect for your entertainment needs, you may need something more specific. From sleek OLEDs delivering rich blacks to vivid QLEDs for breathtaking colour, find just the display to elevate your viewing experience.

Samsung 40 Inch Smart Full HD HDR LED TV.


Most modern TVs feature full HD (high definition) and LED (light-emitting diode) technology, providing enhanced brightness, crisp picture quality, and realistic images - ideal for smaller screens and budget-savvy buyers.

Samsung 55 Inch Smart 4K UHD HDR QLED TV.

4K TVs

Dive into the dazzling 4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels - 4 times the full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Meaning sharper colours, contrast and ultimate clarity. Once you experience it, there's no going back.



Love luminance? QLED TVs bring high luminance to your home, displaying over 1 billion colours with 100% colour volume at any brightness. It's not just a treat, it's a visual feast.

Philips Ambilight 65In PML9008 Smart 4K Mini LED Freeview TV.

Mini LED

An evolution to the LED LCD screens, the Mini LED screen is made up of smaller sized but a larger number of lights spread across the screen. This technology allows for better contrast, larger screens, and overall brighter images.

A group of friends watching a football game on LG 65 Inch OLED65C36LC Smart 4K UHD HDR OLED Freeview TV in a living room.


OLED is a cutting-edge technology where every pixel produces its own light instead of relying on the backlight of LED. With enhanced picture quality, unparalleled depth and clarity, it's made to awe even the best of TV connoisseurs.

Samsung 65 Inch Smart 8K HDR Neo QLED TV.

8K TVs

Big, better, and bursting with brilliance - 8K TVs display content in ultra-high resolution. With 4 times the pixels of 4K, they deliver incredible detail and an immersive viewing experience. Ready to be wowed?

TV features

Freely logo.


A new free streaming service for your smart TV, Freely brings you more on-demand content via the internet without an aerial service. 

Coming soon...

Freeview Play logo.


Choose a TV with Freeview Play for the best free content streaming service. It airs multiple live and on-demand channels including BBC iPlayer, CBS Catchup, and more.

A TV sitting on a TV unit in a living room.

Alexa TVs

Control your TV with voice commands. Integrating Amazon's voice-controlled assistant, Alexa, these TVs help create a seamless smart home experience. Alexa, open Netflix!

A wall mounted frame TV.

Frame TVs

Is it a TV or is it art? It’s both. Whilst your TV is turned off, smoothly blend the screen into your décor, by picking one of the many unique designs displayed on the screen. It’s a great conversation starter and a beautiful statement piece.

AN image of a game controller and a TV in the background with a car racing game on.

Gaming TVs

Take your gaming experience to the next level. Pick a television best suited for gaming to make it more immersive and seamless.   

A TV sitting on a TV unit in a living room.


Ambilight, an innovation by Philips, sits behind your TV and forms a halo around your screen, creating a soft glow that's easy on the eyes. Perfect for setting the mood for movie or game nights. Bring the popcorn, it's showtime.

Front row TV reviews

TV Soundbars and speakers

A Sonos Beam Gen2 Sound Bar placed on a wooden finish TV unit.

Sound bars

Create a crisp, clear surround sound experience. As TVs become more streamlined, internal speakers also resize to fit the space. By adding a sound bar, you can boost your TV’s audio.

Neatly tuck it under your TV or turn it into a stylish speaker for your smart devices. Ready to elevate your TV audio game?

TV wall brackets, units and stands

The quality of your TV-watching experience also depends on the positioning of your TV. Whether you choose to mount it on the wall or showcase it prominently on your TV unit, here's all you need to know to decide.

A TV mounted on a wall in a living room.

TV brackets

There are 4 types of brackets to help you securely mount your TV to the wall. Each of these will have a weight limit, so remember to check that your chosen bracket can support your TV’s weight. 

Flat-to-wall - These sit flush to your wall.

Tilting - Come with a small extendable arm that flexes horizontally. 

Tilt and swivel - These move both horizontally and sideways to adjust your viewing angle.

Multi-positional - The most flexible TV bracket allowing max movement for the best viewing angle.

Habitat Fynn 2 Drawer TV Unit.

TV units and stands

Before you purchase your stand, think about the height, as this will affect the height of your TV. Measure the depth to accommodate the TV feet. Consider the width too, does your TV have feet in the middle or at the sides? Your stand should be 3 inches wider than your TV, but not so big that your TV looks too small.

Most TV units and stands are easy to move and come with smart ways to store your DVDs, consoles or cables. Plus there are multiple options to suit your style.

Other TV accessories

A couple enjoying a movie being played through a projector.


Take your indoor movie nights up a level. Projectors are a great alternative if you want an additional TV in other rooms. By reflecting the light on the screen rather than emitting it, they're easy on the eyes too. Movie marathon? Bring it on. 

Lightweight and easy to set up, some portable projectors are also great for outdoor viewing.

Humax Aura 2TB Smart Freeview 4K TV Recorder.

Freeview boxes and recorders

A Freeview box provides endless entertainment with a world of free-to-air channels. You can catch up on missed shows and even record your favourites for later. It's TV on your terms, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want when you want.

Most TVs today come with built-in Freeview Play. But if yours doesn't, you can conveniently bring home a set-top box to get started.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite With Alexa Voice Remote.

Smart TV sticks and boxes

Upgrade your regular TV into a smart powerhouse with a smart TV stick and box. Letting you stream seamlessly and giving you access to TV and movie apps, you can enjoy the smart TV experience without having to buy one.

A great solution if you're not ready to replace your existing non-smart TV just yet.

Need more help?

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Argos TV tech support.

Argos TV tech support

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Argos Care

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