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Tech accessories

Get the most from your gadgets.

Tech accessories

Need an extra cable? Stock up on handy tech essentials with our top computing, entertainment and tech accessories.

Home electrical essentials

Power up your home

From batteries to bulbs, we have everything you need to keep your home running smoothly.

Close up image of womands hands changing batteries in television remote.


Toys lost their oomph? Torch not switching on? No matter what size battery you need, we've got it covered, from AAA to D and everything in between.
If you get through them regularly, why not save yourself some pennies in the long run and switch to rechargeable batteries?

White extension lead on workbench with DIY tools and accessories around it.

Extension leads

Extension leads are a great way to access power where you need it if there is no mains source nearby. So you can power your gadgets, lights and other electrical accessories easily.

Need to access electricity outside your home? A cable reel is a great way to extend your home's electrical reach.

Miniature firemen figurines installing an ethernet cable into a hub.


With all these gadgets and devices, comes the need for cables; HDMI cables to connect your tv to your games console or media device; ethernet cables to connect your devices to a wired internet connection; USB cables to enable you to charge or connect your compatible devices to a pc; the list goes on, but we won't. We'll help you find the cable you need.

Close up of person's hands holding a camera in right hand and inserting a memory card into it with the left hand.

Memory cards

Whether you've taken up photography and need a SDXC card to capture high quality images and videos, or just need a bit of extra storage space with a micro SD for your mobile, we've got a whole array of memory cards to make sure you can keep capturing those special moments.

Close up of large feature light bulb.

Light bulbs

Light up your life with bulbs to suit every light fixture. From cost effective LED bulbs that are designed to last, to feature fit giant and vintage style bulbs, that are bound to make a statement.

Don't know your bayonets from your screw caps? Let our light bulb buying guide illuminate you.

Mobile phone charging using a portable power pack on a desk.

Portable power

Always on the go? Then a portable power pack is just what you need to keep your devices charged when you're out and about. Their small size makes them easily transportable, all you need to do is charge the power pack up before you head out and then connect your device via a USB cable whenever you need some charge.

For wire-free charging, check out our range of wireless chargers!

Gaming accessories

Loading all you need

Take your gaming experience to the next level with the latest gadgets, headsets and accessories. Ready to play?

Which are the best gaming headsets?

Hear everything. The best headsets have high sound quality for an immersive experience with clear dialogue and sound effects – never get crept on by an enemy again. Not only do you want great audio, but a quality microphone for voice clarity and less background noise.

Can’t stand wires? Many of our top-end headsets are wireless – look for ones with a long battery life for interruption-free gaming. Finally, they’re designed to be ultra-comfortable so you can play without needing to give your ears a break.

Computing accessories

Have a scroll around

Whether you're working, socialising or gaming, find everything you need for top performance across your devices.

Flash drives

Flash drives

Take files on the go with a USB flash drive. Small, portable, great for transferring files.

Hard disk drives

Hard disk drives

With a large storage capacity, hard drives are perfect for backing up the important stuff.

Camera accessories

Complete your kit

Keep your camera safe with our range of protective cases. Discover snappy accessories to help you take more stunning photographs.

Camera lenses

Camera lenses

Want to zoom in on lenses? Find specialist lenses to suit your shooting style.

Memory cards

Memory cards

Don't know your SDHC from SDXC? Find the right memory card for your device.

Mobile phone accessories

Upgrade your essentials

Protect your phone with stylish cases and covers. Get great SIM card deals and maximise mobile features with headphones and adaptors.

SIM cards explained

Don't know the difference between a flexible SIM and Pay As You Go? Our easy guide will help you find the right one for you.

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Televisions and home entertainment accessories

Little touches for big viewing

Enjoy your favourite films and TV shows like never before with enhanced sound and picture quality.

Home cinema systems.

Home cinema systems

Make movies epic and gaming a little more pulsating with a surround sound home cinema system or sound bar.

TV installation.

TV installation

For the safety of our customers and colleagues we have temporarily removed our installation service.

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