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Taking care of your health & wellbeing

We've a whole host of guidance and inspiration to help you achieve your mind and body goals.

Taking care of your health & wellbeing.

Looking to get into shape? Good for you! It's so important to be active and eat well. How you exercise and what you eat can affect your mood, sleep quality, concentration levels and even your skin. Use our support and inspiration to help guide you towards your goal. No falling off the bandwagon today! Are you ready to succeed?

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Woman plating tennis.

Back to the court

Whether it’s for cardio, perfecting your overhead volley or just for fun, we love the idea of getting outdoors for a set or two of tennis. Pick up some new balls, a racket and let’s serve!

Get into golf.

Get into golf

With the days getting longer, the weather improving and golf courses open again, now’s a great time to get your swing on. A great way to exercise outdoors while socialising, we’ve got everything you’ll need.

Close up of yellow and blue football on pitch.

Summer of football

Inspired by the beautiful game? What you do off the ball is just as important as what you do on it. Discover training drills and techniques to help develop your skills and fitness.

Close up on man on E-bike.

Cycling made easy

Need a little extra help on your commute, heading up hilly routes or maybe just a boost to a hobby? E-bikes look like normal bikes, but have a motor to give you a bit more peddle power, allowing you to ride for longer.

How to get fit

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean gym membership, there’s plenty of ways to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. From easy-to-use equipment, workout guidance and home gym ideas, we can help you every step of the way.

Work hard at home

Work hard at home

Build on your exercise regime with our huge range of cardio equipment, toning gear and strengthening weights. We have everything you need to get you going, or to up the ante.

Home gym ideas.

Home gym ideas

Create the ideal environment for you to workout. We’ve got some clever space-saving kit and multi-gym equipment perfect for any room size.

Home workouts.

Home workouts

No need to commit to a gym, with a few pieces of kit, you can improve your fitness from your home. Tone and reconnect with a yoga session, feel the burn with dumbbells and more.

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners

Yoga is great for improving posture and flexibility, helps alleviate aches and pains and can be incredibly calming to reduce stress levels.



Hop on your bike for some exercise outdoors. Don't forget your helmet!

Small space gym equipment.

Small space gym equipment

Not ready to head back to the gym? Check out our small space gym kit page. With how-to videos and tips, it’s perfect for those who want to get back to fitness, but not the gym.

Workout clothes.

Workout clothes

From trainers and tops to bottoms and sports bras, we’ve got all the kit to get you geared up for a great workout.



Fitness boxing is an excellent cardio workout that rewards stamina, footwork and agility.

Recover like a pro.

Recover like a pro

From aiding in post-workout recovery to improving circulation and reducing overall body tension, Theragun massage devices deliver a deep muscle treatment unlike anything you've ever felt.

Wearable tech.

Wearable tech

Whatever your preferred activity, we have a fitness tracker to keep you motivated. The perfect partner, they monitor heart rate, measure success and provide coaching.

Sports headphones.

Sports headphones

Need a pumping playlist to get through your workout? Like exercising while listening to a podcast? Sweatproof and designed to fit securely in your ears, our range of sports headphones will keep you motivated.

Keeping kids entertained

Stimulate their senses.

Stimulate their senses

Need new ideas to help keep the kids entertained? We’ve come up with tons of ways to keep boredom at bay. From keeping them active and fun ways to learn, to imagination-fuelled games and entertainment for all weather.

Plan your next adventure.

Plan your next adventure

Being cooped up for so long has been tough, so why not plan your next staycation? Get everything you need so that when we can go further afield, you and the kids are ready to go.

Improving your wellness

Life can be so full on we forget to stop to take time for ourselves, and usually, our mind’s health is an afterthought. It’s important to pause and reconnect, whether that’s with yoga, a hot bath or a pamper sesh. Whatever works for you, we’re here to help.

Time to put your feet up and relax.

Time to put your feet up and relax

Here are some tips and ideas to help you relax and de-stress if you’re feeling a bit tense or anxious.

Getting a good night's sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep

Sleep is vital for our body to restore and repair itself, but things like an uncomfy mattress or stuffy room can cause restless nights and impact our health.

Health monitoring.

Health monitoring

Learn how to monitor your health and keep an eye on your heart rate, blood pressure and more with our wide range of health monitoring products.

Allergy relief guide.

Allergy relief guide

Sniffles and itching can put a downer on your day. We’ve got a whole host of products and tips to help make your home a sneeze-free space.

Air purifier guide.

Air purifier guide

Keep the air you breathe at home free of odours and airborne particles with an air purifier. Remove pet smells, pesky pollen, and other allergens.

Calm puzzles.

Calm puzzles

Enjoy a puzzle created to help lower stress and improve your mood. Spin Master has partnered with the Calm, the sleep and meditation app, Calm, so you can enjoy assembling these mindful puzzles while listening to peaceful audio content.

Create a soothing space

Headphones and speakers.

Headphones and speakers

Nothing beats some relaxing music when you want to boost your mood. Whether you're taking it easy or celebrating good news, our range of speakers and headphones will help you set the vibe.

Ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting

Fully customisable from an app on your phone, these colour changing light bulbs help you create the perfect ambience for film nights, parties, bedtime stories, or to just sit back and unwind.

Smart speakers.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers make life easier. With voice commands you can listen to music, set timers, play games, dim the lights and with some models you can even make video calls, all without lifting a finger.

Planters and faux plants.

Planters and faux plants

Proven to help boost concentration and lower stress, houseplants make great decorative touches. With stunning planters for keen gardeners and lifelike faux plants for those not green-fingered, add a pop of green to your space.

Relaxation and pampering.

Relaxation and pampering

Finding it hard to switch off? Soothing diffusers and massage devices are your new best friends. Perfect for transforming the atmosphere and helping you relax, they're perfect pick-me-ups.

Outdoor accessories.

Outdoor accessories

Give your outside space a boost. With cosy weatherproof cushions to soften up your outdoor seating, solar lights to give the evening a magical glow and eye-catching decorative flourishes, you can bring home comforts into the garden!

Healthy eating

Healthy eating isn’t hard, as long as recipes are simple and inspiring. Forget complicated marinades and time-consuming dishes, healthy eating can be fun, delicious and a lifestyle game-changer.

Healthy eating

If you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to begin, these super tasty recipes are both easy and nutritious. Plus, we’ve got all the kit to make your fave naughty foods, but healthier. Win win!

How to stay hydrated

When you’re out of your usual routine, it’s easy to slip into a habit of putting the kettle on rather than reaching for a glass of water, and before we know it, we’re feeling sluggish and hungry.

Vegan recipes

Curiosity of the vegan diet continues to rise. If you’re thinking about giving it a try why not browse our vegan recipes page to learn more about the plant-based diet and find tasty sweet and savoury dishes.

Beauty & grooming

For step-by-step tutorials, daily essentials or something new to add to your regime, we’ve got a bath-full of goodies to treat yourself to.

Women's beauty

You've earned some TLC time, so discover tips, tutorials and a wide range of beauty products. Dip your toes into our makeup and beauty staples, treats for your tresses, dental essentials and more.

Men's grooming

If you fancy a new look, or just carrying out day-to-day maintenance, we’ve got the gadgets and guides to help you be a well-groomed guy.

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