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STEM toys

Spark their imagination with toys that make learning fun.

STEM toys.

Give your little ones all they need to develop into the innovators and intellectuals of tomorrow. Find the toys and tools to increase their interest and knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering, maths and beyond.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM learning encourages children to discover more about these subjects through fun, engaging and practical learning. These areas are also considered to be important career paths, so getting started with STEM can help put your little ones on the road to success.

Science for kids

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Help them look to the stars and explore the wonders of worlds beyond ours. We’ve got all the equipment they need to search the night sky for stars and learn all about the Solar System.

Stargazing basics

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The Moon.

The Moon

The Moon is the brightest and most recognisable object in the sky (apart from the Sun). Use binoculars or a telescope to go beyond casual observation and examine its various craters and mountain ranges. A moon cycle lasts around 29.5 days, so it’s never too long to wait for the next full moon.

The stars.

The stars

Stars are most visible on clear, dark nights. And while we can see thousands of stars by looking up at the night sky, we can see thousands more using binoculars or a telescope. There are 88 acknowledged star constellations, but beginners may want to start with brighter ones like the Plough (Big Dipper), the Harp and Orion’s Belt.

The planets.

The planets

Of the seven other planets in our Solar System, five (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) can be seen with the naked eye, if you know where to look. It is possible to see the face of those planets with a telescope so you can observe the rocky red of Mars and the giant storms of Saturn and Jupiter.

Science toys by subject

Science made simple

Getting experimental with science is not only fun, but it can help young scientists to learn more about the make-up of the world. There are a number of sets and kits that can help them to explore each area of science, developing their interest and understanding along the way.
A boy and girl take a look at a bug barn outside.


The science of all living organisms, from plants, to animals and the human body. A microscope is great for helping them understand what things are made of, while other biology kits range from human anatomy sets to bug barns for understanding the behaviour of living creatures.

A toy petri dish with blue liquid and crystals.


The science of matter and its properties. Kids' chemistry experiment sets are the perfect way to introduce them to the periodic table and have lots of fun along the way. Not only will they start to understand how different lab equipment works, but also how different substances can react with each other.

A kid playing with Gravitrax starter set.


The science of nature and the key questions of the universe. Physics sets can help budding scientists to understand the fundamental laws, such as gravity, force, acceleration and power. Physics is an essential science for understanding why and how the world around us works.

A green plant being planted into the soil.

Geology & earth science

The science that specifically deals with Earth and its structure. This helps them discover more about natural structures, such as volcanoes, mountains, metals, rocks and rivers. Help them learn about the make-up of the Earth with safe, explosive volcano sets and mining and metal detecting kits.

Technology toys

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Coding for kids

Code is the language that computers speak. By learning code, kids can understand how to make technology perform certain tasks and actions. While this may sound technical, there’s a wide range of toys that make learning code fun and easy. Encouraging an interest in coding can lay the groundwork for a future in computing, programming and game development.

How coding works

A hand on a smartphone coding instructions to a football Sphero.

1 - Enter actions

There are loads of ways that kids can learn how to code. Many toys expand their understanding through problem solving, challenging them to enter the correct combination of actions to solve a puzzle.

A Sphero ball navigates its way through some wooden blocks and obstacles.

2 - Solve puzzles

A popular method is the use of challenge courses, where kids must program a toy to move through a path in a certain sequence. By coding the toy to go forward, back, left or right, it can be programmed to navigate through the course.

A boy programs a drone using Scratch programming software.

3 - Learn the language

As well as physical coding toys, there are also several games and apps that promote coding. These have their own language of code, which is created just for children to help them learn the basics. Blockly and Scratch are two of the most popular online coding platforms.

More tech toys

Kids' laptops and tablets

We have a range of laptops and tablets made specifically for kids. Featuring only child-friendly apps, they can encourage e-learning and interactive play. Ideal as an introduction to portable tech, before they receive their own device in the future.

Engineering toys

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What is engineering?

Engineering is the science behind how man-made machines and structures, like cars, planes, robots and buildings, work. For inquisitive minds, engineering encourages practical learning, as well as creative thinking and problem solving. So if your little one has ever wondered how spaceships fly, or how a race car can be so fast, then toys that help them learn about engineering are perfect.

Building and construction

A LEGO® NINJAGO water dragon toy ninja building set.

Building blocks and construction toys

Toys with bricks and blocks let kids create all the amazing structures they can imagine. Whether they’re carefully following the step-by-steps, or just conjuring up new ideas as they go, construction toys are a great introduction to engineering. And with a range of sets available for all ages, young architects can work their way up from simple structures to skyscrapers in no time.

An overhead image of spread out LEGO, with an instruction manual shown on a tablet.


The bricks for the builders of tomorrow. LEGO® have a huge range of construction sets, from vehicles and dragons to super heroes and super structures. So whatever their age and whatever their interest, there’s sure to be a piece that brings out their engineering side. And there’s more to LEGO® than building - some sets can also help them learn coding and robotics.

Robotics, vehicles and gaming

A Sphero codable robot next to a smartphone showing a coding app.


Go beyond the building blocks and help them step into the world of robotics. There’s a number of sets that let kids build and code their very own programmable pal. Learning and playing with robotics is great for their practical skills, as well as helping them discover more about new technologies. And of course, there’s the fun of playing with their new robot when it’s built.

A boy and a man look with interest at a LEGO cement truck.

Vehicle building

Machines and engines are a true cornerstone of engineering. If your little engineers love cars, planes or any type of vehicle, they're sure to be interested in what makes them go so fast, or fly so high. Toys in this area encourage and teach them to build their own, learning how it all works along the way.

A screenshot from the video game Minecraft showing a character by a river.


Learning about engineering and construction isn’t limited to physical toys. Minecraft and games like it offer a vast, open-world playground for limitless imagination. Players have full freedom as they learn to build, craft and explore their way through the game’s infinite world.

Maths games

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Maths is a key learning area that's closely linked with the other STEM subjects, so finding fun ways to build a child's confidence in counting, telling the time and problem solving will help support them in science, technology and engineering subjects too.

A girl playing with Peppa Pig cash register.


As soon as your child starts to speak they'll start making a connection between a sense of "how many there are" and the words we use for numbers. Building blocks and colourful toys help toddlers and younger children learn these numbers.

An Argos Home children's tell the time wall clock.

Measuring & telling time

Height, weight, volume and time; these are all important lessons your child will learn. Interactive clocks, kitchen role-play and height charts are all ways to help your child develop an understanding of measurements.

A boy playing with Fisher-Price laugh and learn cookie shape surprise.

Shapes & geometry

Colourful toys help your little ones start to identify the names and properties of different shapes while also developing their spatial sense. Fun puzzles also help them start to understand how to make and match patterns.

Loved by kids

Extra inspiration

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Why buy at Argos?

Learning can most definitely be fun at Argos. No matter what age your child is, we’ve got educational and creative toys that will get them thinking, learning and developing skills while playing and having fun. Electronic learning toys are an exciting way for young children to learn everything from basic shape and colour recognition to phonics, reading and maths. Packed with interactive games and challenges these toys can help your pre-schooler build a great foundation before they head off to school. There’s more to learning than sums and spelling though. A creative outlet is vital for any child and you can help them unlock their creativity with our musical instruments or creative games.

For budding scientists why not treat them to a chemistry set so they can carry out experiments in the kitchen and around the house? The sets come with everything they need to start learning fascinating facts about the world around them.

As the toys begin to mount up, make sure you get an extra toy box or two to make sure everything is safely stowed away and ready for next playtime. We have toy boxes emblazoned with characters like Peppa Pig, and even ones that double as a bench, making them ideal for the living room as well as their bedroom.