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Engineering Toys

Give curious minds the building blocks to bring their imaginative ideas to life. From super structures, to daring designs and smart robotics, engineering can open a world of possibilities.

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What is engineering?

Engineering is the science behind how man-made machines and structures, like cars, planes, robots and buildings, work. For inquisitive minds, engineering encourages practical learning, as well as creative thinking and problem solving. So if your little one has ever wondered how spaceships fly, or how a race car can be so fast, then toys that help them learn about engineering are perfect.

Building and construction

Building blocks

Toys with bricks and blocks let little builders create all the amazing structures they can imagine. Whether they’re carefully following the step-by-steps, or just conjuring up new ideas as they go, constructions toys are a great introduction to engineering. And with a range of sets of available for all ages, young architects can work their way up from simple structures to skyscrapers in no time.

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The bricks for the builders of tomorrow. LEGO have a huge range of construction sets, from vehicles and dragons to super heroes and super structures. So whatever their age and whatever their interest, there’s sure to be a piece that brings out their engineering side. And there’s more to LEGO than building, some sets can also help them learn coding and robotics.


Robots, vehicles and gaming


Go beyond the building blocks and help them step into the world of robotics. There’s a number of sets that let kids build and code their very own programmable pal. Learning and playing with robotics is great for their practical skills, as well as helping them discover more about new technologies. And of course, there’s the fun of playing with their new robot when it’s built.

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Vehicle building

Machines and engines are a true cornerstone of engineering. If your little engineers love cars, planes or any type of vehicles, they're sure to be interested in what makes them go so fast, or fly so high. Toys in this area encourage and teach them to build their own, learning how it all works along the way.

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Learning about engineering and construction isn’t limited to physical toys. Games like Minecraft offer a vast, open-world playground for doing… whatever they want really. Players learn to build, craft and explore their way through the games’ infinite world, giving them full freedom and limitless imagination.

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