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Need help choosing the right scooter for your kids? Here's everything you need to make the right choice. From the health benefits of scootering to the different types available, plus some top tips on how to scooter safely. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

What are the benefits of scooters for kids?

A boy on his 2 wheel scooter against a colourful wall.

Scooters get kids moving!

Whether your child gets out and about on 2 or 3 mini wheels, a scooter will get them burning off energy, out in the fresh air, and building confidence with their friends.

  • Scooters make getting to school more fun.
  • They help kids stay active and burn off that extra energy.
  • They also help kids develop balance and motor skills.
  • There are scooters for every age, from 3-wheelers for younger children to 2-wheeled stunt scooters for experienced teens.
  • Pick foldable scooters if you need something that's a breeze to carry and store (and that fits in the car easily!).
  • Some scooters have flashing lights for night-time dazzle.
  • Many scooters have height-adjustable handlebars so that they grow with your child.
  • And they're not just for kids. Scooters are also really popular for older teens and adults too. Great for families to ride together, and a smart way to get to work and exercise.

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Different types of scooters

Ready to enter the world of scooters? Let us help you select the right one for your needs. While multi-function scooters and 3-wheelers are great for beginners, 2-wheel and stunt scooters are just the thing for your young daredevil. Looking for a comfy ride? Then choose a big wheel scooter. Or go for a folding option if you need to pack up and carry your scooter between rides.

A mom helping her toddler ride a scooter.

Toddler scooters

Suitable for: Little kids (1+)

Ride, push or scoot, these clever little multi-function scooters are often designed with removable seats, push-along handles and stable handlebars. A great first scooter for supporting gross motor skills, balance and building confidence.

A small girl riding a 3-wheel light green scooter.

3 wheel scooters

Suitable for: Active kids (3+)

Ready, set, go! 3 wheel scooters are designed to develop balance and coordination skills while still giving lots of stability. Lean to steer when there are 2 wheels at the front, or turn the handlebar to steer when they're at the back.

A boy on a 2-wheel scooter.

Height adjustable 2 wheel scooters

Suitable for: Go-faster kids (5+)

A 2 wheel scooter requires good balancing skills. Either with a foot-operated rear brake or a hand-operated brake lever, the handlebar is easily adjustable to suit their height as they grow. Let's go!

A girl performing jumps on a stunt scooter.

2 wheel stunt scooters

Suitable for: Adventurous riders (5+)

Hit the skate park and wow everyone with jumps and tricks! Also known as a pro scooter, a stunt scooter has a fixed handlebar for strength and durability, and is not height-adjustable. With a foot-operated brake.

A boy riding a big wheel scooter.

Big wheel scooters

Suitable for: Cruising kids (6+)

Big on comfort. A big wheel scooter is designed to give you speed while absorbing bumps for a smoother ride. It has a handlebar brake lever for when you want to stop and is great for school runs, parks and daily commutes but not for stunts.

A boy on a V-flex scooter.

Novelty scooters

Suitable for: Thrill seekers (6+)

Mix it up! From light up scooters to drift and spin scooters, there's no limit on fun with these bad boys. Or choose your favourite character to ride along with, from Baby Shark to Spiderman for more fun and excitement.

A teen holding a folding scooter.

Folding scooters

Suitable for: On the go kids (1+)

Take them anywhere with a folding scooter. Easy to pack away and store at school or at home, or fit them in the car for family days out and holidays. Available for all ages, they're lightweight and easy to carry.

Flyte Penni The Panda Folding Tri Scooter Suitcase - White.

Kids scooter suitcases

Suitable for: Mini globe-trotters (3+)

Make those mini adventures a little more fun with a scooter suitcase. A scooter and travel bag in one, these bright ideas fit in most airline cabins and give your little one something to do while they're waiting at the airport.

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Scooter safety

A beautiful girl in a pink protective outfit rides a scooter through a park.

Riding scooters safely

Ready to scoot? The best places to ride a scooter are parks, private gardens, driveways and specially designed skate parks.

Before they start, is their safety gear on? Helmets, knee and elbow pads cushion any falls and protect them from injuries. A kid’s bike helmet is fine – they are all tested to the same CE or UKCA regulations.

Make sure they're not wearing any loose clothing that could get caught in the wheels. And they need proper shoes that cover their toes - not sandals or flipflops ideally.

Regularly check any adjustable features like handlebars and brakes to make sure they're correctly tightened. And keep an eye out for any damage.

A boy wearing a grey helmet.

Fitting a child's helmet

Step one - Start by measuring the circumference of your child’s head. Place a soft tape measure around the largest part of their head – above their ears and about an inch above their eyebrows.

Step two – Once you’ve found the correct helmet size, make sure it fits snugly on your child’s head. The helmet should sit low on the head with the front about two finger widths above the eyebrows.

Step three – Next, adjust the side straps of the helmet so that they sit snuggly around your child’s ears in a V shape. This keeps the helmet secure on their head.

Step four – It’s now time to buckle the chin strap. The chin strap should be tight enough so that no more than one finger is able to fit between the chin and the strap.

Step five – Now that the helmet is on, check that it fits comfortably but not too tightly and doesn’t obstruct your child's vision.

Electric scooters and other scooter ideas

Power up with an e-scooter. Or, bring the skate park to your home with these skate ramps, perfect for mastering jumps and tricks. They make great gifts too!

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