Create a retro kitchen look

Inspired by throwback themes? Retro is having a resurgence, and the kitchen is the easiest place to give a nod to all things nostalgic - we'll show you how.

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Retro inspired kitchen.

What is retro style?

We're talking looks that pay homage to decades gone by; bubble shaping, pop-art prints and candy shop colours all reference trends from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Designers are picking up on the desire for nostalgic looks, with brands bringing out ranges of kitchen appliances and accessories inspired by retro-styling.

Start with your base: wall colour, furniture & large appliances

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Retro pastel kitchen.
Bush Classic BFFF60 Frost Free Retro Fridge Freezer - Cream.

Opt for pastel, candy-shop hues

Creams, soft mint greens and pale pinks - these milkshake shades are the bread and butter of the most iconic 50s looks, and handily they're really easy to weave into a neutral backdrop. With just a few key pieces in these creamy shades, you can transform an otherwise simple kitchen (we started with white walls and wooden cabinets) into a room-refreshing retro delight.

Retro appliances

Really want to commit to the look? You've got to treat yourself to some retro-inspired appliances. Bush and Swan both have iconic bubble-shaped ranges, brought up to date with the latest tech.

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Pastel coloured paint

If you're starting with a neutral base you could add an accent wall in a muted pastel shade, or why not upcycle some wooden furniture with a coat of paint to fake that worn, vintage effect.

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From spindle-legged lovelies to retro bar stools, there are plenty of furniture styles inspired by your favourite era. Wooden finishes fit in our pastel look, but bolder black, chrome or red pieces create more of a 50s diner finish.

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Add in some kitch-en electricals

Coordinating kettles, toasters, mixers and more (the type you'll show-off on your worktop) are an easy way to boost that retro look.

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Finishing touches

Layer up those distinctively playful colours and prints to pull your retro theme together.

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