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Pushchair Guide

Preparing for your new arrival or need an upgrade for your toddler? Use our guide to find the best pram, pushchair or stroller for you.

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Pushchair Guide.

Find the best pushchair...

For newborns

Choose between beautiful prams, combined prams and pushchairs, or even a super practical travel system.

For babies over 6 months

As they get bigger, you may find a pushchair, combined pram or multi-use travel system, will be more beneficial.

For toddlers

Pushchairs, strollers and travel systems are easy to use with a little one. Look for one that's lightweight, so it's easy to fold up and transport.

For travelling

For travelling

Simply fold up and carry a lightweight stroller, that'll easily fit it into compact spaces. Or pick a travel system with detachable car seats.

Pushchair, pram, stroller or buggy?

What's the difference?

Prams are designed for newborns so they can lie flat. Pushchairs are for babies who can sit up and strollers are for toddlers or older children.


Buggies are generally a type of pushchair or stroller and has now become a term we use, rather than being another product.

    Prams allow your baby to lie flat, which is essential until your baby can sit up comfortably – this will usually occur when they’re 3-6 months old, but this can vary.


    Traditional prams are quite unique these days; you’re more likely to find a model that doubles as a pushchair, meaning you won’t need to buy a separate one during your baby’s development.


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      You can use a pushchair with newborns if you select a model with a reclining feature or one compatible with a carrycot. This will allow your baby to lie flat until they can sit up. 


      There are several options such as twin and triple pushchairs, where the seats sit side by side. Whereas tandem pushchairs seat one seat in front of the other. Multiple seats are ideal for twins, triplets or children around a similar age.


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        Traditionally designed for toddlers or older children, however there are certain models that offer additional support for younger children.


        They tend to be lightweight and easily foldable, meaning they’re great for transporting, travelling and for families on the go. Twin and tandem models are also available for multiple children.

          Travel systems

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          Essentially, a pushchair with a detachable car seat, which should easily slot or click in. Some come with carrycots too, which can be used for newborns that need to lie flat.


          The car seat can vary in type, but most travel systems are compatible with more than one model. Read our car seat buying guide for more information.


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            Carrycots are practical, stylish and extremely comfortable for baby. Not only can you secure these onto a compatible pushchair to mimic a pram, carry cots can be used as a cot for your baby to sleep in for the first few months.

            Top pushchair brands


            Made for working hard in everyday life, Cuggl's practical and stylish pushchairs are ready to take on anything.


            Purposeful designs, extraordinary materials and relentlessly tested, Joie pushchairs will stand the test of time.

            Mamas & Papas

            Innovative, thoughtful and rigorously tested, M&P pushchairs are inspired by parents and real life.

            Silver Cross

            Known for their innovative, practical and comfortable designs, Silver Cross has become a trusted household name.

            Popular pushchairs

            Top-rated pushchairs

            If word of mouth and recommendations are important to you, why not view the pushchairs our parents are already using and loving?

            Running pushchairs

            Running with pushchairs has become increasingly popular, but you need to make sure you pick the right kind. Any pushchair which has three wheels as opposed to four will be more suitable for running with.

            Pushchair accessories

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            A raincover is an easy way to keep your child dry when it's wet outside and can be easily fitted over most pushchair types.

            Parasols & sunshades

            Both of these will give your baby shade on sunny days, protecting their very sensitive skin from UV rays.

            Footmuffs, nests & liners

            These will keep your baby nice and snug, staying in position just like a blanket.

            Pushchair attachments

            Find all of the extras for your pushchair - from boards for your other children to catch a ride, to bag attachments.

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