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Puppy checklist

Get everything ready to welcome home your new family member.

A happy brown puppy in a park.

Preparing your home

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time, but they can also be a bit of a handful in their first few weeks. Having everything you’ll need on hand before your pup arrives will help them settle in quickly. Here are the essentials...

Dog bed

Choose a small to medium sized bed lined with warm fleece to keep your pup warm while they doze. It’s useful if the beds have removable and washable covers.

Playpens & pet gates

As your puppy starts to explore, these are useful for keeping them confined to a safe space, and out of rooms you don’t want them in.

Toilet training

Puppy pads can help spare your carpet from accidents and are especially useful if it's tricky for your dog to go outdoors e.g. because you live in a flat.

Food & water bowls

Stainless steel bowls are more durable than plastic and easier to keep clean. You can also get smart bowls that track eating habits and have motion-sensor covers to keep the food fresher.

Dog and puppy food

Ask the breeder what they have been feeding your pup – ideally you’d stick to the same diet. Food designed especially for puppies has all the nutrients they need for growth and development.


It’s important that your puppy has lots of interesting things to play with for their development and to strengthen their jaw - plus it will save them chewing on things they shouldn’t!


It’s good to get your puppy used to a grooming routine as soon as they are home. Shampoo, brushes for the coat length of your dog’s breed and nail clippers are the essentials.

Bringing them home

When travelling by car it’s safest for your puppy to ride in a travel carrier or crate secured to a seat or in the boot. Think ahead - choose a crate that will be large enough for your fully-grown dog to stand up, stretch out and turn around inside.

Tips for travelling

Make their crate cosy

Replicate a warm den with a soft bed or mat. If possible leave a blanket with them a few days before you take them home - it will help them settle if they have something familiar with them.

Travel on an empty stomach

Some dogs experience travel sickness and travel better on an empty stomach. Feed your puppy at least two hours before your journey and let them go to the toilet before you leave.

Bring the crate indoors

You can bring your crate into your home and put their dog bed in it to create a sleep space for your puppy – many are comforted by a sense of security from a cosy crate or pen.

Out for walks

Only when your puppy is fully vaccinated (around 14 weeks) can they safely go outdoors for walks. You can introduce the collar and lead around the home before this so they get used to the feeling.

Collar & identity tag

Measure your puppy's neck and compare to the collar sizes. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the collar when it's fastened. Keep checking the size as they grow.


Standard leads, instead of retractable, are better while your puppy gets used to walking by your side. Nylon leads are lightweight and durable, making them a popular choice for puppies.

Have you considered...

A long haired dog sat on white sheets with paws out in front. A small kitten is sat on the dogs head, with a fluffy rabbit sat between its front legs.

Pet advice and inspiration

Pawsome guides on keeping pets happy.

Tracking GPS.

Tracking GPS

These small trackers are light enough to attach comfortably to your puppy’s collar and can offer real time tracking of your puppy’s movements as they start to explore.

Have you taken out pet insurance?

Have you taken out pet insurance?

When your dog is ill or injured we know your whole family suffers too. That's why at Argos Dog Insurance, we do everything we can to get your dog back to happy.

Dog supplements.

Dog supplements

Old dogs, active dogs or dogs that need a little extra help. Lintbells Yumove supplements are suitable from 8 weeks old - improving coats, supporting joint structure and reducing stiffness.

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