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Looking to get a pet?

A long haired black and white dog, with patches of orange on its face, looking happily at the camera in a woodland setting.


Dogs are warm, friendly and encourage exercise, though some breeds are more demanding than others. Your whole family can enjoy walking and playing with them.

A Siamese cat sat in a small cat bed indoors.


Cats are independent but affectionate. They like to play, but don’t need to be walked and are happy to spend time indoors.

A small, fluffy light brown bunny, sat on hay looking at the camera.


Cuddly and not too demanding, rabbits can thrive indoors, but they'll need a little outdoor time too. They need only light play and enjoy a stroke and a cuddle.

Three orange goldfish swimming about in a fish tank infront of a sunken ship ornament.


Fish are colourful, relaxing and need very little looking after. Once you’ve set up your bowl or aquarium, all you need to do is feed them and keep their water clean. 

Important questions to consider

A small terrier dog running in field carrying a red ball in its mouth.

Can you provide regular exercise?

A nice stroll with a dog or letting a rabbit go outdoors can be relaxing and fun. But if you’re less mobile or would struggle to make the time to give your pet the exercise they would need, a pet that doesn’t need much exercise may be a better choice.

A small flufy bunny stood up on mossy bit of wood in a field.

Do you have much outdoor space?

Many animals will need space to play and roam outdoors. Some animals like rabbits, cats and small dogs will only need a little space, while large dogs will need quite a lot. If you don’t have much room outdoors, or have mobility issues, an animal that can stay indoors like birds or fish will be a better choice.

A cocker spaniel dog and long haired white cat sat togetheron a chair, looking at the camera.

What breed are they?

Some breeds of dog are very demanding. Some cats require a lot of grooming. Some types of fish have a very particular diet… Every breed has its own quirks. So make sure you research their needs before making your choice.

A ginger cat led on a fluffy rug being brushed

Will it be hard to groom and clean up after them?

Cats and dogs will moult, so they’ll need brushing. And cleaning up hairs from around the home can take a bit of work. Smaller animals won’t need much grooming, but tanks, hutches and cages will need to be kept clean

Pet essentials

A small grey tabby kitten sat on the floor looking at the camera.

Kitten checklist

Top tips and all the bits and bobs you will need to help your newest family member get settled in.

Close up image of a fuzzy chocolate labrador puppysat outside, with its tongue hanging out.

Puppy checklist

Our handy checklist will make sure you have everything you need to make your pup feel right at home.

Other things to consider

Two wild sparrows sat on a hanging bird feeder eating some seeds.

Create a bird-friendly garden

From bugs to bumblebees to birds, your garden may host all sorts of nature, and you don't need a big one to make them feel at home.

Bird baths, feeders, and houses are a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden and provide a safe place for them to stay. Don't forget to add seeds and nuts to feed them. Pick nectar flowering plants to attract insects. Your feathered friends will chirpily follow, creating a mini ecosystem.

A ginger cat having a check up at the vets.

Vets bills

Most pets will need some regular health treatment, such as regular vaccinations and flea and worm medicines. It’s important to factor these costs into your budget.

There will also be one-off costs if your pet becomes ill. These unexpected costs can be large. One way to protect yourself against this is to take out a pet insurance policy.

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