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Painting and decorating guide

Get your rollers and brushes ready. Here's our tips on how to paint and decorate your home perfectly inside and out.

Painting and decorating guide.

Clean, clear and repair so you can get the perfect paint finish.

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Clean your walls

Get rid of dust, dirt and marks so they don't mix with your new paint and leave stains that could show through.

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Paint & wallpaper stripping

Use a steamer or scraper to remove old wallpaper and paint that's too thick or too bright to paint straight over.

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Sanding & filling

Fill holes, cracks and scrapes then sand any rough areas to give you a flat, even surface to paint on.

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Damp seal paint

Specially created for walls stained by damp and mould, this paint prevents damp stains showing through. It can't prevent the causes of damp but helps reduce its visibility.

Don't just focus on the colours - each type of indoor paint has different benefits for you and your home.

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Basecoats & undercoats

Essential for new surfaces and old surfaces that are dirty or have a very strong colour. A base coat ensures you get the best results from your top coat.

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Painting skirting & doors

Gloss, silk, satin and eggshell are great wood paints. A satin finish helps hide imperfections and softens colours, while gloss provides a high shine finish. You can wipe them clean to remove scuffs and fingerprints.

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Painting lounges, bedrooms and halls

Emulsion is perfect for most rooms, it's easy to paint with and has a non-shiny finish which helps hide imperfections. For high-traffic areas and kids' rooms, wipeable eggshell or satin is ideal.

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Painting kitchens & bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom paint is tough and durable. Specially designed so that moisture, grease and dirt won't absorb into the surface. Easy to wipe clean, this emulsion paint has a medium/high shiny finish.

Outdoor paint is specially created to stay bright and strong through rough weather, bright sunshine and general wear and tear.

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Wood paint

Paint and protect sheds, fences, gates, benches and more with a variety of beautiful colours.

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Wood stain, fence/desking treatment

Wood treatments add strength and protection for surfaces and retain wood's natural look.

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Masonry paint

Designed to tackle coarse and difficult surfaces, masonry paint provides durable decoration and protection to house walls, garages or garden walls.

Choose more colours and designs (and hide imperfections too).

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Colour & pattern wallpaper

We have a range of subtle shades and beautiful patterns that are great for decorating a whole room.

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Living room wallpaper ideas

Make a real statement. A feature wall adds a striking focal point that can transform and energise your room's look.

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Wall murals

Instead of patterns, choose a striking picture for a feature wall. Murals are easier to put up and great for kids' rooms.

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Wallpaper tools

Check out the special tools you'll need to hang your wallpaper perfectly.

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