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Outdoor toys maintenance

A guide to help you check and maintain your trampoline, climbing frame, swings and kids' bike.

Outdoor toys maintenance. A guide to help you check and maintain your trampoline, climbing frame, swings and kids' bike.

Trampoline maintenance

Trampolines need a little TLC to keep them safe and fun. Here's our 'to do' list for trampoline maintenance:

  • Reposition the trampoline to a level and stable grass surface far from any overhead obstacles and 2.5m from any surrounding fences/walls etc.
  • Remove the winter cover and check the mat, springs and frame and connecting parts for signs of wear and tear.
  • Remove twigs and debris around the frame and underneath the protective padding.
  • Put up the protective netting and check all the stitching and attachments are intact.
  • Make sure the frame is sound, checking each joint and oiling where necessary.
  • A sagging jump mat is a sign the springs are overstretched: replace these parts if necessary.

Safety Tip: Don't use the trampoline if there are tears or holes in the jump mat – you can shop for replacement parts including springs and safety pads, or browse our new range of trampolines.

Climbing frames, swings & slides maintenance tips

Whether you've got a metal or wooden climbing frame, these safety maintenance tips apply:

  • Check all the main parts and fixings are secure.
  • Oil the metallic parts and tighten screws and bolts where necessary.
  • Smooth down any splintered or rough areas with a sander.
  • Thoroughly check attachments like swings and handles for safety.
  • If you've left the swings outside over winter, check the rope for deterioration and replace if necessary.
  • It's best to detach swings and store them in a dry place over winter.
  • Algae can be really slippery on steps, so scrub clean with some disinfectant and dry before use.

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Sandpit maintenance tips

Sandpit maintenance.

Sandpits offer a great sensory play option, and all the fun of the beach  - here's how to keep the area safe and clean:

  • Give your sandpit a wash and replace with non-toxic play sand at least once a year - we recommend you do this at the start of the outdoor season.
  • Inspect the sandpit before every use to check it's clean and not contaminated with any foreign objects.
  • Use a rake to aerate the sandpit once a week.
  • Once a month turn over the sand completely and top up with more sand if necessary.
  • Check with your hand that the sides and inner edges of the sandpit are smooth, and don't have any rough or sharp corners.
  • Smooth any rough corners with sandpaper.

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Safety reminder:

When following tips and advice, always use your common sense. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and if in doubt, consult the manufacturer.

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