Fireplace and Mantelpiece Ideas

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The mantel of a fireplace offers the perfect spot to show off your style. It can be artfully decorated with everything from candles and ornaments to seasonal items such as garlands. Unsure what to put on your mantel? Here are some great ideas for styling them.

Mix and match

Try layering up objects of varying size in front of each other to create depth and visual interest. Start with the biggest objects first and work your way down to smaller items like candles and ornaments. For a more eclectic look, mix up different textures, colours, patterns and finishes.

Fireplace flowers

Freshen up your fireplace with a lush floral display. Rather than one large centrepiece, use vases of different shapes and sizes with brightly coloured blooms. Add in some budding branches and lots of greenery to create a beautiful focal point for your living room.

Creating a rustic fireplace mantel

You can give your home a cosy cottage feel by decorating the mantel of your fireplace in a rustic style. Set the mood by lining the mantel with candles, lanterns and flickering tealights. Continue the theme with natural elements such as pinecones, acorns and twiggy branches. And, for a touch of whimsy, introduce some ornaments shaped like woodland animals.

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What to put on a mantelpiece

If you have a fireplace, the mantel provides the perfect platform to showcase your creativity. Here are a few things you can add to make it really standout.

Decorative lanterns

Light up your mantel with an arrangement of glass lanterns. Decorate the rest of the space with things likes bottles, vases and pillar candles to give it a laidback, boho vibe.

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Picture frames

For a personal touch, line the mantel with your favourite family photos. Add visual balance by arranging them symmetrically around a central feature like a clock or vase.

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Living room ornaments

Bring life to your mantelpiece with a stunning ornamental display. From animals and angels to figurines and Disney characters, there’s a myriad of classic and quirky styles to choose from.

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Fairy lights

Use a string of fairy lights to turn your fireplace into a fun focal point. Cluster them together along the mantel or around the fireplace surround to create a shimmering display.

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Overmantle mirrorsShop mirrors

Hanging a mirror above a fireplace is a great way to add symmetry to the space. Aside from making a room feel bigger and brighter, it also draws the eye to the mantel area. There are many different shapes and styles of overmantle mirror available, from round to rectangular, modern to ornate.

Mirror over fireplace rules

When hanging an overmantle mirror, make sure that the mirror is smaller than the width of the fireplace below it. Generally, it’s best to position the mirror several inches above the top of your mantel, so you have enough space to display your ornaments. If the mirror is particularly tall, try leaning it on the mantel instead of hanging it.

Timely additionsShop clocks

If you’re in need of a centrepiece for your arrangement, consider a mantel clock. Having a clock above your fireplace naturally attracts the eye, so the rest of your mantelpiece decorations should complement it, rather than detract from it.

Wooden mantel clocks

Anchor your mantelpiece with the quintessential accessory - the wooden mantel clock. A traditional clock such as this works particularly well with rustic or shabby chic themes.

Ornate mantel clocks

If it’s elegance you’re after, then a mantel clock with an ornate frame is a real eye-catcher. Surround it with accessories of similar style for a look that’s decorative and functional at the same time.

Modern mantel clocks

Modern mantel clocks provide an interesting alternative to traditional timepieces, and are perfect if you want to create a contemporary fireplace display.

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