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Nursery essentials

Starting from scratch? Use our nursery checklist to find everything you need to create the cosiest room for your baby.

Baby beds

A newborn in a Moses basket near the mum.


With no concept of day or night, newborns will sleep for 8-18 hours, mostly waking to be fed. A Moses basket is lightweight, so you can easily move it and settle baby down nearby.

A mother playing with a baby while the baby is sleeping in a cot bed.

3-6 months

As baby grows, their sleep pattern changes. Now, they’ll be sleeping between 12–14 hours and with less night feeds, they should sleep longer. They’ll nap in the day too – a great chance to get them used to their cot.

A white cot bed with a drawer in a nursery with grey walls.

6-12 months

With little or no night feeds, baby will have established a good bedtime routine, sleeping between 12–15 hours. This still includes a couple of daytime naps, but they should be able to begin to settle themselves and sleep in their cot or cot bed.

Cot mattresses

Making sure your baby has the right mattress is so important. Whether they're snoozing in a cot or cot bed, the mattress should be firm, flat and ideally have a washable cover for easy cleaning. Here are some other things to consider when deciding...

A baby playing on a grey cot bed.

Cot mattress types

Pocket sprung - Has springs woven into individual pockets to provide support.

Spring - Springs are joined together by a coiled wire, which spreads baby’s weight across the surface.

Foam - Made from a block of foam with a memory foam layer. It responds to baby’s weight and moulds to their body shape to provide support.

A white cot bed in a nursery.

Cot mattress size and fit

There should be a snug fit between the mattress and the sides of the cot, as this will ensure a safer sleep. At most, a 3cm gap is ideal, otherwise wriggling limbs may get caught between the mattress and the cot.

Check the measurements of your cot to help decide your mattress size.

A person checking the white mattress cover.

Cot mattress materials

Any hypoallergenic mattresses are a great option, as they protect their sensitive skin.

Opt for reversible mattresses as it can easily be flipped during the night if it becomes wet.

Choose a waterproof, wipeable mattress cover that can easily be cleaned.

A white nursery set with cot and chest in a nursery.


Depending on the mattress type you choose, regularly flip and rotate it to ensure all sides are used equally. When cleaning your mattress cover, we’d suggest using non-biological detergent for fabric, and a mild disinfectant or anti-bac for plastic.

Either vacuum or sponge wash any mattresses that don’t have a removable cover.

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Nursery furniture

Toys and books in grey storage boxes in a cube storage.

Nursery storage

Tidy away those baby essentials easily with baskets, boxes and drawers. Select open shelving options for easy-to-reach items, and drawer cabinets for things you need less often.

A baby mat, a storage basket and a box on an Ickle Bubba Coleby Scandi open changing unit.

Baby changing tables

A baby changing table or a baby changing unit is a great addition for any baby room or nursery. With storage underneath, they ensure all your changing essentials are readily to hand.

A Tutti Bambini Oscar rocking nursing chair in a room near an indoor plant.

Nursing chairs

These high-backed chairs gently rock and offer you and your baby support and comfort whilst feeding. Choose one to suit your scheme for a calming look.

Two Habitat cotton little farm nursery fitted sheets for cots.

Fitted sheets and mattress protectors

A clean mattress will help your baby sleep comfortably and breathe easy. Fitted sheets make night changes quick and easy, while waterproof protectors are great for any leaks.

A mother opening the Tommee Tippee twist and click nappy bin.

Nappy bins

A fresh and simple way to manage dirty nappies, and to keep odours at bay.

A parent checking their baby through a baby monitor mobile app.

Baby monitors

Feel reassured while your baby is sleeping. Often with app control, built in cameras and two-way talk options, a baby monitor is an invaluable nursery accessory.

Habitat Kids Floral Blackout Eyelet Curtain.

Blinds, blackout blinds and curtains

Keep out the light, keep in the warmth. Curtains, blinds and blackout blinds are absolute must-haves for any nursery.

A Tommee Tippee Groclock 3-in-1 sleep trainer, alarm clock and nightlight on a table.

Sleep essentials

Create the right sleep environment for them. Room thermometers help keep the temperature in check. And, sleep aids use lights, colours and soothing sounds to help settle your baby.

A white cot bed and a white changing unit in a kid's bedroom.

Nursery furniture sets

The easiest route to a finished and beautifully furnished nursery? Browse our favourite furniture bundles.

Top picks

Nursery décor ideas

Cuggl Canterbury white cot bed and dresser nursery set in a kids' bedroom.

Neutral nursery ideas

Create an oh-so-adorable nursery with a light, bright and neutral colour scheme.

A paint brush on a can of furniture paint.

DIY nursery décor

Add a personal touch to their first bedroom by upcycling a piece of furniture. Use a chalky finish furniture paint for a soft pastel finish.

Habitat Kids yellow picture wall frame gallery set with different pictures and photos.

Create a gallery wall

Arrange different sized pictures and framed photos to create a mini gallery. Try different layouts on your floor first. Take a picture of the look you like, so you have an easy-to-recreate reference.

A Habitat rainbow themed grey fitted sheet on a cror mattress.

Dreamy bedding

From cartoon characters and playful prints to minimal and geometric designs, choose a bedding set to suit the space.

Nursery accessories

Moving up to toddler

Ready for the jump to a toddler bed? Here's how to easily transition their space into something a little more toddler friendly.

A kid's bedroom with Scandi interior.

Update their accessories

PAW patrol mad? Hey Duggee fan? By the age of two your tot will no doubt have a 'favourite thing' - but before you start painting the wall Peppa Pig pink, remember this might just be a fad. Instead just swap out their bedding and accessories to update the space without committing too much to a theme.

Habitat Eden Toddler Bed in Pink Colour.

Invest in a toddler bed

It's time to seek out their first 'proper' bed - eek! We love the playful Scandi-inspired style of our Bodie snoozer, but we've got styles with built-in storage too if you're looking for something really practical.

Children's books in a Habitat white kids book tidy.

Rethink your storage

Have a little declutter before you start - you'll probably find a heap of baby things you don't need in their room anymore. Once these are out the way (or in storage) you'll have freed up some space for toy and book storage.

Habitat Skye Play Tent in a nursery.

Create space for them to play

There's a lot of playing and exploring to be done now they're toddling about. Adding in a cosy rug on the floor, a mini armchair, or tiny table creates little pockets of play (and helps to contain some of the mess).

Habitat Eden Toddler Bed in Pink Colour.

Keep their things in easy reach

Make them feel like a grown-up and include safe storage styles that their little hands can reach. Low open shelving for books, mini clothes rails for dress up costumes and baskets for toys work well, and will encourage tidy habits (well, we can hope).

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