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New year's resolutions

Kick-starting your year with a new goal? Get ideas for 2019 resolutions plus advice on how to stick to them. Let's go!

New year, new you

For lots of people ringing in the New Year is a fresh start - an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and work towards a new goal. Easy eh? Well not always, especially if you're a little too ambitious with your target. With that in mind we'll take you through some achievable resolution ideas, plus tips on how to keep motivated.

Wellbeing goals

Get better sleep

Tired (literally) of not waking up feeling refreshed? Make 2019 the year to catch up on quality ZZZs. Benefits of improving your sleep quality can include more productivity, less snacking and a better mood. With sleep monitoring apps and monitors on activity watches, this is an easy one to keep track of.

Our guide to getting better sleep

Make more me-time

We like this one. It may seem a little self-indulgent, but the feel-good factor associated with relaxing shouldn't be underestimated. This could include a monthly pamper session, luxurious bath every Sunday or 10 minutes of mindfulness every morning.

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Start practicing yoga

Aside from making you feel good, the great thing about yoga is that you can do it in your home without much equipment - there're plenty of video tutorials you can follow. Alternatively signing up to a weekly class might help you keep motivated.

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Reduce bedtime screen-time

It can be hard to resist that bedtime scroll - but if you're after a better sleep, it's a good habit to try and break. Set a phone curfew and make your bed a phone-free zone. Swap to reading more (paper or e-book) to tick off another resolution.

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Health & fitness goals

Get fitter

Especially after a season of indulging, this a popular resolution - but also one that's quite easy to give-up if your target is too stretching. Focus on finding a sport or exercise class you really enjoy as you're much more likely to stick to it. Investing in some new sports kit so you're feeling confident will help motivate you.

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Get more veg into your diet

Not had much variety in your diet over the festive season? This might be the resolution for you. Instead of a crash diet, aim to take a more sustainable route to a healthier you by increasing your veg intake. Homemade smoothies & soups are an easy way.

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Work towards a fun run

Couch to marathon in 3 months? Maybe not - but a 5k fun run is much more achievable. Create a plan and track your progress on your phone - there are lots of apps and fitness trackers that can help. Social media is useful for finding local running groups.

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Cycle (or scooter) to work

This one's good for your health and the environment. If you live within 5 miles of your work, consider skipping the traffic by cycling. Scootering a short commute is also increasingly popular - it's faster than walking, less sweaty than cycling and exceptionally fun.

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More resolution ideas

Grow your own veg

Even the smallest of gardens, patios or balconies can be set up to grow your own veg or herbs - you can even grow indoors. Broad beans are easy and can be sown from November to March. With some TLC you'll be rewarded with your own tasty crop.

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Experience something new

Go for it - tick something super off your bucket list this year. Experience days are a great way to do this. Take your pick from tons of exhilarating opportunities. You usually have a year to use the voucher - so you're sure to achieve your resolution in 2019.

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Make 2019 the year of giving back. There're so many ways you can help from, fundraising to offering your services to a local charity shop. Our charity partner Alzheimer's Society have lots of ways you can get involved to help people with Dementia.

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Get organised

Is a build of of clutter getting you down? It's time to tackle those drawers that you've been ignoring and that overflowing wardrobe. Be ruthless - do you really need it? - if not, it can probably go. Next invest in some space-saving storage to keep what's left organised.

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Tips to stick to your resolution

Think action rather than outcome

Focus your goals around what you are going to do rather than the end target, i.e. 'Do two hour of Spanish lessons per week ' vs 'Learn Spanish' or 'Do an abs focused workout twice a week' rather than 'Get a 6 pack'. This will be easier to track and you're less likely to feel de-motivated if you're not seeing results quickly.

Make a note of your progress

Whether it's through a diary, notes on your phone or even a vlog - keeping a record of what you've done will help to keep you on track. Not enjoying what you're doing? Switch to something else! Resolutions are all about trying new things - they should be totally guilt-free and most importantly fun.

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