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We explain how to tackle unwanted body hair along with achieving the perfect close shave.

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How to trim a beardShop the tools

Define the neckline

As a guide, your beard should finish an inch above your Adam's apple. Choose a setting two grades below your normal beard length and clip everything below this. Then, select one or two settings shorter and shave the bottom half of your beard to create a gradient.

Shape the cheekline

Define the cheek line of your beard. This starts at the bottom of your sideburns and stops at the side of your moustache. A laser guide can help to visualise this, trim above the laser line to create a neat, sharp look.

Choose your length

Select the longest setting on your clippers and trim all over your beard, shave against the direction of hair growth to remove as much as possible. If you want to go shorter, repeat this step again until you're happy with the length.

How to cut your own hairShop the tools

Short back and sides

Select the longest length on the clippers and shave upwards from the back of your neck in smooth strokes. Then, choose your preferred shorter length grade and go over the same area.

Tidy up

Once you've finished, clip your sideburns and trim any stray neck hairs. Some clippers have a setting specifically for this.

How to trim body hairShop the tools

Remove the fuzz

Before you start, blow your nose to clean it out. Enter the nose trimmer into the nostril and trim the lower hairs. Try to avoid over-trimming, we need nose hairs to trap particles like dust and bacteria.

A smooth touch

Prep your chest hair by combing through beforehand. If you're shaving, shave against the direction of hair growth. You may need to change direction a couple of times to get a really close finish.

Maintain your look

Once you're hair-free, exfoliate your body regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.

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