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Laptops for working on the go

A young woman working on her laptop and talking on the mobile phone.

When you're out and about

Whether you love to travel all year round, or like working from different places, anywhere you can use your laptop and get cracking becomes an office. So a compact laptop with good battery life can go a long way.

A man working on his laptop on the train while traveling.


The higher the number associated with the processor, the faster it is. So you can complete your tasks without any interruption. A device with a powerful processor is a great pick, as it gives you good speed and efficiency.

A fully charged laptop on a desk.

Battery life

To keep your battery healthy, keep it well ventilated by making sure the fan on your computer isn't covered, and avoid letting your battery run down to zero. When not charging, try to keep your battery level at over 40%, and when you're charging it back up, make sure the battery level reaches above 80%.

A woman working on her laptop on a tent mode.


Compact, adjustable 2-in-1 laptops are your best friend when you're travelling. Fold them into a tent or use them like a tablet. They're versatile, stylish and simple to use. The biggest perk? They're lightweight and don't take much space in your bag.

Gaming laptops

A young gamer playing a video game.

Gamers, get ready

Level up your gaming experience with our high-power gaming range. With sleeker designs, advanced processors and a high-speed memory, you can experience games as the designer intended.

A computer processor.


The speed of your processor determines the level of gaming you can do. A 2.5GHz is suitable for intermediate gamers. Also, look for octa core processors as they let you multi-task smoothly.

A high performance graphic card with two cooling fans.

Graphic card

This is the component that takes a laptop from mainstream, to game and stream. Enjoy latest games on your laptop or PC with a premium graphic card. It speeds up the rendering of images and videos, so you have a quality gaming experience.

A high performance graphic card with two cooling fans.


The more, the better when it comes to RAM and storage. Gamers suggest 8GB should be the minimum RAM and when it comes to storage, hard disk drive and solid-state drive are options you can look for.

Laptops and PCs for families

A family of 3 using a laptop on the sofa together.

Get together, it's movie time

A perfect pick for your kids' online classes and homework, and for all your shopping sprees and streaming sessions, these laptops are absolute all-rounders. Super secure and budget friendly, check out our great range of family computers.

Parents using the laptop while kids are playing.

Performance and size

A 4GB RAM or higher with a dual or quad-core processor is great for light multitasking, browsing or streaming. A 10” to 16” inch screen size is easy use on your lap or home desk. Choose a bigger screen if your family are movie buffs.

A parent using parental control set up for their kid.


Sharing the computer with your little ones means ensuring it's safe. Set up dedicated limited-access account for your kids that have parental controls. And most importantly, teach your child cybersecurity.

A kid lying down on bed using tablet computer to learn at home.


Does your little one love to lie down and learn? Fold your laptop into a tablet easily. Or, if you like to catch-up on your shows while cooking, use the tent mode to keep it on your counter and enjoy streaming.

Laptops and PCs for working from home

A man talking on the phone while working from home.

At-home office?

Having the right computer set-up means you can work effectively and efficiently from home. Take a look at our laptops and PCs to find one that suits you.

A woman on a video conference call working from home.


Think how you use your computer. Pick a high-end, latest processor that can handle complex apps and tasks if your work demands. Or go for an entry-level device for video chats with your team and light work.

A woman working from home on her laptop while talking on the phone.


Like big screens or prefer something nifty? You can pick either. Set up a dual monitor if you like to work with multiple or larger displays. When your mood changes, just disconnect and use a laptop to work from the sofa!

A person sitting on a bean bag and working.


Working from home means working out of your kitchen, lounge, hallway and even the bathroom (it's true!). Choose a convertible laptop to work seamlessly wherever you are in your home.

Laptops and PCs for studying

A young girl smiling while looking at her laptop on her study table.

Make learning easy

Computers are a vital bit of equipment when it comes to school-work and university. So it's important to get the right one that will keep up with all your education needs.

If you're off to Uni and still unsure, our guide will take you through some key things to consider when choosing your new laptop or PC.

A girl learning from her laptop.


Writing, researching, creating reports and everything in between. A computer with around 4 to 8GB RAM and a processor up to Intel i5 or Ryzen 5 processor should do the trick while also being budget-friendly.

A laptop getting updated with software.

Laptop or desktop

Planning to carry your device around uni? Choose a lightweight and sleek laptop. Like gaming and love a big-screen experience? A desktop is what you'll want. Want the best of both worlds? Connecting a gaming laptop to a second screen could be the answer.

A girl using her laptop to study on her desk.

High storage space

Keep schoolwork, course materials and essays accessible at the touch of a button. More storage also allows you to download and save recorded lessons to avoid buffering.

Laptops and PCs for designers and photo editors

Young couple of photographers working with woman's portraits at the working place with two computers in the studio.

Express yourself through your work

Design. Edit. Create. Bring your visions and innovations to life with powerful processors, crisp resolutions and touchscreen options. These computers are just what you need to keep up with your talent.

Two women looking at the laptop while working.

Powerful processor

A high-end processor with turbo boost, and at least 8GB RAM helps you breeze through even the toughest tasks. And if you're looking for a laptop with a large amount of storage, it will let you access your files super fast.

Three young designers using a laptop to discuss designs.


Forget the mouse and keyboard while you're checking your designs. Simply pinch to zoom in or out, tap or swipe easily with a touch screen. How convenient.

A graphic designer working on her project.

High resolution

Clarity is king when it comes to designing and editing. A 4K HD screen of 15 inches or more shows you the sharpest visuals and truest colours so there's no room for imperfection.

Laptops and PC accessories

Staying safe online and looking after your laptop

Advice to keep your children safe online

Get free expert advice from Internet Matters on how to make your children's online life fulfilling, fun and above all safe. An organisation dedicated to helping keep children safe online, they offer simple advice on the main issues children may be exposed to when browsing the internet, alongside safeguarding tips.

Staying safe from scammers

There are many different types of scams out there, but there are also more warning signs you can look out for to protect yourself from being conned.

A family of 3 laughing while they are using different devices to get entertained.

Accidents happen...

Protect your new stuff with Argos Care and get extra cover in addition to your standard manufacturer's guarantee.*

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