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Kitten checklist

Get ready to bring home your fluffiest family member.

Welcoming home a new kitten is an exciting time. To help them settle into their new environment, we’ve clawed together some top tips for you all to have the purr-fect homecoming.

Preparing your home

Kitten bed

A small, soft, snoozing spot for your kitten will let them know they’re safe and sound. They’ll spend time sniffing around, so don’t worry if they don’t settle down straight away.

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Settling in

To help your kitten feel at home, place comforting diffusers in key rooms. They slowly release natural pheromones, that’ll calm, relax and reassure your kitten in their new environment.

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Scratching posts

To avoid your furniture getting damaged by cute claws, create an indoor playground with a scratching post. Your kitten can practice climbing, build their strength and scan their surroundings from higher levels.

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Kittens are very energetic (when they’re not napping), so bring out their playful side with fun, fluffy, colourful toys. Grabbing their attention, developing social skills and refining their reflexes.

Kitten essentials

Cat flaps

Many pet doors are now microchipped. Meaning your cat can come and go as they please, without the worry of any unwanted visitors. Curfew mode also means you can keep your pet safe by setting open and shut times.

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Litter trays

Cats are very clean and private animals. It’s best to set their litter tray somewhere discreet but accessible. Scoops and litter liners, can help with clean ups and reduce unwanted smells.

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Yummy treats

Look for kitten food which has been formulated for their age. These are full of key nutrients and vitamins to develop bones, teeth and immune systems. Treats are great for good behaviour, bonding or training.

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Feeding bowls

Cats like routine. So keep their food and water bowls in one spot, then they know where to go. But ensure they’re far away from their litter tray, and find a spot that’s easy to clear up any spillages.

Bringing a kitten home

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You’ll need a carrier to bring home your bundle of fur. They’ll also come in handy for any vet visits or travelling in your car.

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Blankets and pillows

Create cosy spots at home, in their bed or their carrier. They’ll recognise the scents and feel comforted wherever they are.

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Collar and bell

Kittens are masters of hide and seek. Make them part of the family with an identity collar, and easier to find with a little bell.

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