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Go Gold... and Copper

So luxurious. Cookware, lighting, appliances (erm even a bin) can be made more glamorous in this rich, autumnal glow.

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Vintage vibes

Inspired by retro shaping and nostalgic patterns, add a little personality to a classic kitchen with these old-school styles.

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Au naturel

Go organic with your decor. We're talking wood, cotton, marble - simple staples that never go out of fashion.

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Big ideas...

After a completely new kitchen? How exciting! A fresh lick of paint (we're talking kitchen cupboards as well as walls) can do wonders to transform your room. Or go the whole hog with a fitted kitchen.

Find your fit...

Meet the Athina range. Our easy-to-assemble fitted kitchen kit come complete with worktops and a range of mix-and-match units. The styling is modern and comes in 4 colourways (we like to keep things simple).

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Give it a fresh coat

Walls can get a little grim in the kitchen, especially if you're cooking nearby - a fresh coat of paint will lift your decor. Paint wooden cupboard doors with furniture paint to switch up the look without splashing out on a whole new kitchen.

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Go Grey

It's a modern classic and we can't get enough. Painted walls, appliances, kitchen furniture - don't hold back.

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Build in a breakfast bar

Make more of your meals with a high table or counter-stool combo - great if you don't have space for a dining table.

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Cheat's kitchen island

It's on most dream kitchen wish lists, but can be tricky if you're short on space. Get the look and the extra chopping space with a trolley.

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Easy kitchen updates

It's amazing what a kitchen clear-out can do. Savvy storage solutions, shiny new cookware and fresh tableware will create a kitchen to be proud of.

Matchy matchy

Who said storage can't be stylish? Get a cohesive look with coordinating sets.

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Neat and tidy

Put an end to kitchen cupboard jenga with shelving and organisers.

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Top of the pots

You're only as good as your tools, so treat yourself to fresh cookware.

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More easy updates

More easy updates.

Worktop wonders

Time for a tech update? There are some pretty smart appliances and chef-y gadgets out there to help you reach your pro potential (or avoid another dinner disaster). They look great too so should take pride of place on your worktop.

Tea and toast

Keep to your theme with matching kettles and toasters.

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Ready, set, BAKE!

Get ready for your own bake-off with star-baker-worthy equipment.

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Smart appliances

Set your dinner going remotely from an app with Wi-Fi integrated appliances.

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More kitchen gadgets

More kitchen gadgets.

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