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Kids bike sizes guide

From beginners to big kids, find the right size and type of bike for your little cyclist.

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Kids bike sizes guide.

How to buy kids bikes online

Kids love biking, but it's tricky to know what size and type they need.

Our guide is here to help you find the right bike for the age and size. Discover the difference between mountain, BMX, road and balance bikes and watch our 'how to measure' videos to find out exactly what size they need.

    Kids bike size chart

    Bikes for 2-4 year olds

    Type: Balance bikes for beginners.

    Wheel size: Balance bikes

    Height: 88-105cm / 2’11” – 3’ 5” inches

    Bikes for 3-5 year olds

    Type: Starter bikes with stabilisers.

    Wheel size: 12”

    Height: 98-112cm / 3’ 3” – 3’ 8” inches

    Bikes for 4-6 year olds

    Type: Bigger bikes with or without stabilisers.

    Wheel size: 14”

    Height: 105-117cm / 3’ 5” – 3’ 10” inches

    Bikes for 5-8 year olds

    Type: Confident children ready to drop the stabilisers

    Wheel size: 16” / 18”

    Height: 112 – 127cm / 3’ 8” – 4’ 2” inches

    Bikes for 7-9 year olds

    Type: More choice and styles for adventurous cyclists.

    Wheel size: 20”

    Height: 117 – 136cm – 3’ 10” – 4’6” inches

    Bikes for 8-15 year olds

    Type: The best bikes for free-roaming big kids.

    Wheel size: 24” / Adult bikes

    Height: 127 – 145cm / 4’ 2” – 4’ 9” inches

    How to measure bike size

    To find the best size of bike for your child, you need to consider their height and the length of their inside leg. Watch the videos below to see step-by-step guidance on how to get the measurements you need.

    How to tell if a bike is the wrong size

    - Their feet don't touch the ground when the bike is upright.

    - Their legs are significantly and uncomfortably bent when using the pedals.

    - They have to stretch to reach the ground or handlebars.

    Types of bikes - toddlers

    Children can learn to ride a bike from as young as 2 years old. You have two choices when it comes to beginner bikes; balance bikes, which don't have pedals or a brake and beginner bikes, which have brakes, pedals and use stabilisers to keep them steady.

      Balance bikes

      What is a balance bike? – A balance bike is intended as a starter bike. They don’t have brakes or pedals, but help kids get the hang of steering and balancing.

      Benefits of a balance bike – In theory, starting off with a balance bike should make adapting to a bike with pedals much easier. Pedalling and braking are easier skills to master than steering and balancing, so the transition to a bigger should be smoother.

      What to consider – Although balance bikes can be easier to learn, your child may grow out of them quicker than a beginner bike.

      Bikes with stabilisers

      What is a bike with stabilisers? – Stabilisers are a pair of wheels that attach to the rear of the bike and helps prevent learners from falling off. It’s the traditional way of learning how to ride a bike. And when they’re ready, the stabilisers come off.

      Benefits of stabilisers – These bikes featured pedals, brakes and gears, meaning you might not have to buy another bike when they outgrow the stabilisers - you simply have to take them off.

      What to consider – Once stabilisers are removed, it can take time for them to learn how to steer and balance, as the bike feels completely different without them.

      Types of bikes - big kids

      When your child has mastered the art of cycling, they may be ready for a big kid bike. Here are some of the options to choose from.

        Mountain bikes

        Mountain bikes are designed for performance on all terrains. They have a strong suspension and grooved tyres for use on gravel, grass and other off-road surfaces.

        Road bikes

        As the name suggests, these bikes are most suited to riding on flat surfaces and may struggle for speed and grip on tougher terrain.

        BMX bikes

        Mountain bikes are designed for performance on all terrains. They have a strong suspension and grooved tyres for use on gravel, grass and other off-road surfaces.

        Adult bikes

        When your little one is suddenly a big one, they might need to move up to an adult bike. Adult bikes have bigger wheels, making them more suitable for taller big kids.


         Kids bike safety

        Kids bike safety

        It's essential for kids to stay safe when they cycle and take measures to prevent injury.

        The highway code recommends that all cyclists wear a helmet and a bike must have lights, especially if you plan to ride when it's dark.

        Knee and elbow pads provide added protection against falls, while you should also regularly check your tyres to ensure they are properly inflated.

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          How to assemble a kid's bike

          Need some help putting together a bike? Our kids bike assembly video breaks it down and makes the job as simple as possible.


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