Kids bedroom ideas

Help them create their ultimate space. Packed with personality, playful accessories and storage solutions to encourage tidy habits - well, we can hope.

Kids bedroom ideas.

Dream themes

Ready-made looks, really easy to recreate.

Pretty in pink

We love this look. It works for tots right up to double digits, making it the ideal low maintenance look that they'll grow-up with.

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Snore explorers

A winner with any young adventurer - it features our Scandinavia pine collection which can be left natural or painted to refresh the look anytime.

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Starry night

Camp out under the stars. Perfect for little wonderers (5-9 year olds we'd suggest) who love all things inter-galactic.

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Their best ever play den

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Argos Home Squares 6 Cube Storage Unit - White.
Argos Home Scandinavia White Table & 2 Chairs.

For those who like to play hard (& sleep easy)

A high or mid sleeper bed is the secret. It gives your mini-me (6+) the perfect cubby hole to create their own little world. We especially love our Kaycie bed with its colourful tent cover. Oh and you can't see it here but there's a slide on the other end, yep - that's right, a slide. If they grow out of role-play you can use the space for storage, a reading nook or gaming hang-out.

Got a teen or in-betweener?

Take inspiration from these more grown-up, friend-impressing styles. We've got all the important things covered: gaming, make-up space, study station...

Game station

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X-Rocker Genesis Official Licensed PlayStation Gaming Chair.
Argos Home Large Grey Beanbag.

Get back control of your living room

Tired of tripping over controllers? Set up their own gaming station in their room. This storage high-sleeper has pockets for consoles, games and up to a 55 inch TV. Finish with a gaming chair and comfy beanbag for when friends are over.

Tricky spaces? We've got the solution

Meet the squares range...

A versatile club of cube units. Choose from fun canvas boxes or mix and match to fit the decor of the room.

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The whole package

It's the easiest way to update their pad. Coordinating bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk... we've got the lot.

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Reasons you 'need' a storage bed...

1. Maximum 'under-the-bed' space for keeping their toys safe. 2. They're cool - kids love them. 3. Seriously, look at all that storage.

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On the wall

These funky linen baskets make fab toy boxes. Hang on wall hooks to free up floor space.

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DIY dolls house

This is ingenious. Shoe storage makes for the perfect doll and teddy homes - who knew!

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Neat seat

A couple of cushions makes this toy box double as a handy perch for reading or drawing.

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More storage solutions

More storage solutions.

Room decor

This is the fun bit. We're talking those finishing flourishes that pack a room full of personality. Characters, colours, even magical creatures - we'll help you create the theme of their dreams.

Playroom ideas

Transform a spare room into their very own play den for fun and games (oh and containing some of their clutter!).

Explore playroom ideas

More finishing touches

More finishing touches

More room ideas...