Kids bedroom ideas

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Meet the new kids on the block.

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A room for Jurassic fans.

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The best bedroom they've EVER had.

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You'd better believe it.

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I love tidying! Said no child. Ever. Luckily we've got space-savvy solutions for keeping their toys, clothes and collectables in order - whether or not 'they' do the tidying is another matter.

Meet the squares range...

A versatile club of cube units. Choose from fun canvas boxes or mix and match to fit the decor of the room.

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The whole package

It's the easiest way to update their pad. Coordinating bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk... we've got the lot.

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Reasons you 'need' a storage bed...

1. Maximum 'under-the-bed' space for keeping their toys safe. 2. They're cool - kids love them. 3. Seriously, look at all that storage.

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On the wall

These funky linen baskets make fab toy boxes. Hang on wall hooks to free up floor space.

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DIY dolls house

This is ingenious. Shoe storage makes for the perfect doll and teddy homes - who knew!

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Neat seat

A couple of cushions makes this toy box double as a handy perch for reading or drawing.

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More storage solutions

More storage solutions.

Sleep zone

Better sleeps = smoother school mornings. Our bed, bedding and sound-sleep essentials work for toddlers, teens and every little joy in-between.

Bunk buddies

If you've got kids sharing, consider the space-saving benefits of a bunk bed. Different ages? No problem, find single/double combos to suit each size.

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Growing out of their single bed?

A small double is the solution. It gives young adults extra stretching room but won't intrude on floor-drobe space.

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Block out the light...

Blackout curtains and blinds keep the room dark and help keep the temperature comfortable.

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Or make it bright...

Add a night light to help soothe little ones (and help you navigate any toe-stubbing hazards).

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Bedding essentials

Duvets, covers and super-squidgy pillows to make that bedtime curfew a little more inviting.

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More sleep-easy ideas

More sleep-easy ideas

Room decor

This is the fun bit. We're talking those finishing flourishes that pack a room full of personality. Characters, colours, even magical creatures - we'll help you create their dream theme.

More finishing touches

More finishing touches