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How to save water in your garden

Smart tools and tips to help you save water, and cut costs.

How to save water in your garden.

It's essential in the summer to water your garden to get that fresh, healthy look; but it's easy for water to be wasted.

Water saving tools

Garden hoses

The garden hose is great for watering the garden, however without a hose sprayer, water can end up everywhere! Using a garden hose sprayer controls the flow of water, ensuring you only use what you need.

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Pressure sprayers

Pressure sprayers are great for accurate, efficient watering, allowing you to measure how much water is used. Long-reach nozzles make it easier to get into hard-to-reach areas, ensuring you only water where needed.

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Water butts

Water butts are a great way to collect, store and reuse rainwater. Meaning you can use the water when you want and save some money too.

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Garden shredders

A garden shredder can produce mulch from garden leaves, roots and branches, which can be spread over plant beds. This provides nutrition and moisture, meaning you need to water less often.

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Top water saving tips...

Look after your soil

Adding organic matter to soil can help your garden retain moisture. Mulching flowerbeds in spring can help prevent your plants losing moisture from evaporation.

Water at the right time

Don't water your garden if you don't have to, push a spade deep down into the soil, if it comes back dry, it's time to water.

Plant flowers that need less water

Plants such as lavender, palms, mimosa and verbena need less water to grow than others. If you want a healthy-looking flower bed, but want to save water, choose plants with this in mind.

Collect rainwater and reuse old water

Approximately 85,000 litres of rain falls onto your roof every year. Use tools to collect rain water and re-use for a water saving purpose.

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