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Pruning tips

Learn how to prune to perfection.

Pruning tips.

From pinching, deadheading, shearing or thinning plants – discover the different pruning techniques to achieve the best-looking garden!

How to prune?

Our expert gardener takes you through the best ways to keep your garden neat and tidy. Showing you how, when and where to make cuts.

What is pruning?

Pruning is a form of garden maintenance, helping alter the form and growth of a plant. It's great to prune so that your garden looks well-kept and healthy.

Reasons to prune

Damaged limbs on your hedges and trees can hinder the growth of healthy ones. Pruning promotes great plant health and encourages new growth by removing them.

Pruning tools

Handheld pruning tools

If you are trimming back a small plant or bush, a handheld tool will ensure you cut accurately and achieve healthy, beautiful looking plants. Handheld tools are perfect for roses and small flower beds.

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Long reach pruning tools

Combining heavy-duty blades with long handles for good leverage, these tools are great for tougher pruning or tackling those hard-to-reach areas. Long reach tools are ideal for thinning branches, which enables more sunlight and air to reach the centre of your trees or shrubs.

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How to prepare for pruning

Pre-pruning preparation

You may need to prepare your garden for pruning by trimming back hedges, or clearing an area to ensure you can get to a particular plant. Our range of gardening tools will help ensure you're able to prune with success!

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Pruning hints and tips

Rosey roses

Roses must be pruned every year. The perfect time to do this is between mid-winter and early spring to ensure full bloom within summer.

June blooms

Generally if it flowers before mid-June, prune it immediately after. If it followers later, make sure that you prune it in later winter or early spring.

No pruning needed

Most evergreens, such as conifers, don't need pruning, but benefit from a shape up in summer. Perfect if gardening is not your thing.

Don't waste it

After pruning, don't throw away your trimmings, they are great for making compost.

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