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How to hang wallpaper

Want to add the perfect pattern to your walls? Our how to guide is here to help you every step of the way.

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How to hang wallpaper.

How much wallpaper do I need?

4 simple steps for calculating how much wallpaper you'll need. Just grab a pen, paper, calculator and your measuring tape.

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Measure your width

Divide the width of your wall by the width of the wallpaper (e.g. 4 metre wall divided by 0.53m wallpaper = 7.54m).

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Multiply by height

Multiply this figure by the height of the room to get your square footage. (e.g. 2.5 metre high wall multiplied by 7.54 = 18.86m).

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Find your length

Minus the pattern repeat figure from the wallpaper length (e.g. 10m wallpaper - 0.53 pattern repeat = 9.47). This is your length.

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Divide & conquer

Divide your square footage by the  length (e.g. 18.86/9.47 = 1.99). Then add 10% for waste (1.99+0.19 = 2.2). So you will need 2.2 rolls.

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Clear the room

Before you start make sure that the walls are completely clear of  shelves, wall-mounted light fixtures, switches, towel rods etc.

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Prepare the walls

Use a damp cloth to rid the walls of dust, dirt and marks on the wall. Then fill any holes or cracks, before sanding any rough areas to give you a flat, even surface.

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Where do you start?

Identify your starting point in the room, preferably the corner of a room. If it's a feature wall then you may need to start in the centre.

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Step 1 - cut the first strip

Measure the height of your wall then add 10cm to allow for trimming. Then cut your first strip of wallpaper.

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Step 2 - cut the second strip

Use your first strip as a guide to cutting the second. Make sure you line up the pattern (if your wallpaper has one) before you start cutting.

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Step 3 - mix the adhesive

Following the packaging instructions, mix your adhesive before pasting onto your paper.

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Step 4 - create a plumb line

A plumb line will help ensure your wallpaper is hung straight and in line. Draw a vertical line with a pencil down each wall you are going to paper.

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Step 5 - add the paste

Place your wallpaper strips face down on a decorating table. Then use a pasting brush to apply the paste to the wallpaper's back. 

Leave the pasted paper for 'soak time' (as specified on the label) before hanging.

Once it has soaked, fold the ends of the strip in towards the middle of the length.

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Step 6 - paper meets wall

Unfold the pasted top half of your paper and gently press it against the tip of the wall. Use a papering brush to smooth the rest of the wallpaper into place, match the edge with your vertical line, and remove any air bubbles.

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Step 7 - trim the excess

There should be a slight amount of excess paper where the wall meets the ceiling and skirting. Mark a line down the corner of the paper before easing it away from the wall and trimming it. Then brush the paper back into place.

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Step 8 - one down....

Place the second strip of wallpaper next to the first and match the pattern, before smoothing it into place.

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How to wallpaper around windows and doors

Hang the paper from the top of the wall, smoothing it down as far as the top beam (or architrave). Make a diagonal cut into the corner of the architrave then push the paper into the angle of the wall. Then use scissors to crease the waste along the architrave, roll back the paper and remove the excess (as on step 7).


Cutting around a window sill? Make a horizontal cut to the top corner of the sill, and a diagonal cut into the bottom corner of the sill. Use the brush to force the paper into the angles made by the wall, the architrave and the window sill. Then trim and remove the excess.

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