Home décor ideas - traditional vs modern

More into minimalism or prefer a traditional interior design style? Find out which look is for you with our guide to redecorating your home.

Which traditional style is for you?

Traditional style doesn’t have to mean an old-world, nostalgic feel. It can also look contemporary if you take retro cues from decades past. Popular traditional pieces include classic furniture in dark woods, rich velvet upholstery or patterned fabrics.

English country

Comfort is key in an English country house. Go all out with floral wallpaper or add subtle touches with brocade-style cushions. Use long, flowing curtains to turn a large window into a centrepiece.

French farmhouse

This style still uses plenty of florals, but this time in rich hues like red, yellow and blue. Add Breton-striped cushions to a brown leather couch and line your shelves with porcelain dinnerware.


The rustic theme is perfect for creating a cosy cottage feel. Exposed materials like brick and wood form the backdrop, while rich home furnishings such as chunky-knit throws create a soft finish.

Which modern style is for you?

Modern style is all about balancing comfort with bare essentialism. Smooth, high-shine surfaces like glass and marble put the focus on statement colours and architectural furniture.


This style is all about simple functionality. Keep soft furnishings to a minimum and concentrate on clean design with an avant-garde glass coffee table or a single piece of eye-catching wall art.

Scandi chic

Scandi style is characterised by the simple yet cosy things in life - without too many accessories to crowd your space. Think sheepskin or shaggy rugs and geometric patterns on cushions and curtains.


Embrace city-slick style without cutting back on comfort. Install floating box wall shelving to hold photo frames and ornaments, as well as a glass coffee table for magazines and art books.

Can't choose? How to mix and match

If you’re still deliberating between traditional and modern, why not embrace a transitional style? This blend of old and new creates a stylish look.

Traditional pieces in minimalist rooms

Offset a modern living room with a retro-inspired item or two. Drape a check throw over a muted grey sofa, or add pattern with textured cushion covers. With canvas artwork or rich velvet curtains, you can bring depth to industrial features like bare brick walls.

Rustic dining table with modern tableware

If you have a rustic or traditional wood table, add contrast with bright accessories. Layer with simple silver cutlery on a printed table runner and decorate with small tealight holders. Complete your table with elegant large-bowl wine glasses.

Modern shelving with ornate photo frames

On glass or smooth floating shelving units, add personality with ornate photo frames. Choose from moulded designs in gold for a shimmering finish, or pick a multi-print frame to make a memory-filled collage.

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