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Hobby ideas

Try something new

Tired of doing the same old stuff? It's never too late to take up a new hobby. Discover talents you didn't know you had, build on existing interests or challenge yourself to learn a new skill.

Start vlogging or blogging

Speak out

The trend that doesn't look like it's going to end. Vlogging is super popular at the moment, with everyone getting on YouTube to share snippets of their lives or give tutorials and advice to viewers. But old school blogging is still a great outlet to share thoughts, advice or stories. So if you've got something to say, these hobbies are definitely for you.

Vlog camera guide

Not sure whether you should be buying a camera or camcorder? Want to learn more about quality and connectivity options? Or looking for handy accessories? Find all the info you'll need to choose the best vlogging camera and the kit to go with it.

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Try your hand at photography and film-making

Capture a new skill

You don't have to look far to find amazing pictures and inspiring videos anymore. Everyone has become a casual photographer, using high-tech smartphones to take 'like-worthy' shots and videos, sharing with friends, family and followers. But what if you could go one step further? Up the ante with professional kit, practice and a little bit of knowledge to see those likes come rolling in.

Best cameras for beginners

If you're new to serious photography, our guide will help you find the right camera to help you on your way to becoming a picture-taking pro. Learn what cameras suit different types of shots and environments and the features you should be looking out for.

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Dust off your apron and begin baking

Be a star baker

Baking programmes have exploded in popularity over the last few years, so it's no wonder more and more people have adopted baking as a hobby. It comes with its advantages too - as well as creating tasty (we hope) treats, some people also find baking therapeutic and stress-relieving. And if you've got kids, it's also a great activity to get them involved in.

Go get baking

Find everything you need to create showstopping masterpieces and tasty bakes, no matter what your skill level. We've also added a few recipes and some baking tips to get you started. Ready, set, bake...

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Go Green-fingered and get into gardening

Grow your interest

Yes, winter may not be the time you want to get out into the garden, but if you develop your interest in it now, think about how great your garden could look in time for summer... And there's loads of benefits that come with this green-fingered hobby - it can help you de-stress, burn calories and may even help improve sleep!

Garden inspiration

Visit our garden centre filled with useful info and items to keep your garden thriving. Check out what jobs you should be doing each month, read our articles for tips and advice and pick up all your gardening equipment.

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Or why not try these?

Put your energy into fitness

Whether you prefer to workout at home, in the gym or outside, find all the equipment you'll need for every type of exercise in every setting.

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Spend your time sewing

Aspiring fashion designer, or seamstress in the making? Test out your sewing skills and create your own unique pieces.

Shop sewing machines and accessories

Be arty and crafty

Get your creative juices flowing and create an original masterpiece.

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Learn an instrument

Channel your inner musician to hit the right note.

Shop musical instruments and accessories

Gone fishing

Take the bait and get hooked on fishing.

Shop for fishing gear

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