Off on a jet-setting adventure? Our hand luggage guide helps you find suitcases and bags that meet the guidelines of the airline you're flying with.
Each airline has their own set of size restrictions and familiarising yourself with them beforehand can save you time at the airport and make it easier to pick the right sized luggage.

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Flying with another airline?

All you need to find out is the height, width and depth restrictions of the airline you are flying with. This can usually be found on their website and then all you need to do is find a case that matches the guidelines.

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How do luggage guidelines work?

If your case doesn't meet the size guidelines, you could up end having to put your case in the hold, which could cost a fee and leave you without your belongings close to hand. The wheels and handle are both included in the total size of your case.

Is there a weight limit?

Some airlines impose a weight limit too, which can vary from 5kg to 23kg. Always make sure to check beforehand how much you can take and whether any additional items, like handbags and laptop bags, are included.

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Which items can and can't I take in hand luggage?

The full list of hand luggage restrictions can be found on the government's website (https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions), including guidelines on baby food, liquids and medicine.

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