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Find the kitchen appliances to make your cooking skills sizzle.

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A woman preparing food in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to create healthy alternatives to your Saturday night takeaway, wholesome comfort food or just need some food inspiration, we’ve pulled together some yummy, easy recipes and our top kitchen appliances to help you out.

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Food prep made easy

Dice, spin and slice your way to better cooking with these time-saving kitchen gadgets.


Want to stop the slog of chopping vegetables? A dicer can do it seconds, saving you precious minutes when you're cooking.


Get the most out of your fruit and veg with a time-busting juicer. No cutting or chopping, just nutritious juice straight to your glass.


Spiralize everything from courgettes to cucumbers. Swap pasta for healthy veg spirals or make beautifully presented salads.

Soup makers

Make fast and easy soup. Boil, cook and blend all your ingredients in one.

A salad spinner containing green salad leaves on a wooden dining table.

Salad spinners

Salad spinners make quick work of preparing those healthy leaves and greens. You’ll benefit from fresher salads – plus you’ll have somewhere to serve them from too.

A tomato and cucumber being cut into slices on a mandolin.


A mandolin is a multi-purpose prep machine. Getting your five-a-day is finally achievable with easy slicing, dicing and grating.

A metal potato ricer.


A ricer is perfect for making mash potatoes and vegetables – pressing them to the perfect size for meals, sauces and smoothies.

A metal pasta maker on a kitchen work surface.

Pasta makers

Fresh pasta, made just the way you like it. Makes light work of sizing and shaping your pasta dough.

Must-have multi cookers

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Why do you need a multi cooker?

Why do you need a multi cooker?

Does exactly what it says – bake, roast, steam, air fry, slow cook and so much more. If you need to save time or have a smaller kitchen, these multi-functional appliances can help you cook any culinary creation.

How to use a multi cooker.

How to use a multi cooker?

Start by picking a size (in litres) to suit how many you’re cooking for. Pop in your ingredients and select the right setting to sear, fry or slow cook your food. Leave it to do all the work and tuck in once it’s ready.

What can you cook in a multi cooker.

What can you cook in a multi cooker?

Start with a slow cooker

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Why do you need a slow cooker?

Why do you need a slow cooker?

If you’re looking for one pot, homemade meals – opt for a slow cooker. Perfect for beginners, big families or people on the go; it’ll save you time and stress worrying about dinner whilst you go about your day.

How to use a slow cooker.

How to use a slow cooker?

Add your prepped ingredients to the pot (which is easily removable and dishwasher proof too), set the temperature and leave it to do its thing. You can set timers or leave it on a low heat, even when you’re not there.

What can you cook in a slow cooker?

What can you cook in a slow cooker?

Impress your guests (and yourselves) with these slow cooker recipes:

Become king of the grill

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Why do I need a grill?

Why do I need a grill?

The newest go-to appliance in any kitchen. Not only are they easy to use, they cook food faster and drain away excess fat for healthier meals. The durable plates are dishwasher safe and their compact size fits any space.

How to use a grill?

How to use a grill?

Easily adjust the temperature to suit your food, lift the lid and place your food on the grill, or straight onto the hot plate. You can toast, grill or sear anything from meat to veg and keep turning until cooked through.

What can I cook on with a grill?

What can I cook on with a grill?

So many things, including our list of the best grilled recipes:

Find the best fryer

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Why do I need a health fryer?

Why do I need a health fryer?

Fryers are a great kitchen accessory. They're faster than cooking on the hob, their lids make them safe to use and they create less mess when cooking. Opt for the classic deep fat fryer or the air (health) fryer, which uses less oil.

How do you use a health fryer?

How do you use a health fryer?

With multiple pre-set programmes, it couldn’t be easier to cook your food at the touch of a button. For extra-ease, look for fryers with cooking compartments, meaning you can cook two dishes at once.

What can I cook in a health fryer?

What can I cook in a health fryer?

Recreate some of your favourite dishes with these fryer recipes:

Blitz with a blender

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Why do I need a blender?

Why do I need a blender?

Choose between blenders or hand-held blenders, to breakdown and whizz together ingredients into smooth sauces or pastes. The different blades can create different consistencies, saving you aching arms.

How do I use  a blender?

How do I use a blender?

For softer ingredients, pop them into a bowl and use a hand-held blender to quickly blitz them together. For harder foods, fix one of the multiple blades and cover the attached bowl. Adjust the speed and let it get to work.

What can I make with a blender?

What can I make with a blender?

From fluffy batters to creamy milkshakes, be inspired:

Short of time and ideas?

Marcus Rashford MBE and Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge, have joined forces to launch ‘FULL TIME: Get Cooking with Marcus & Tom’. Tom has created delicious, family recipes. The recipes are simple and easy to follow with emphasis on limited equipment and inclusion of store cupboard goods with a longer shelf life.

How to pick the best pots and pans for your kitchen

Don't know your sauté pan from your skillet? We're here to help you choose the right pan for the job.


Saucepans are typically deeper and taller than other pans, and have one long handle. They can be used for everything from heating sauces and soups to cooking rice and vegetables.
Best for - boiling and heating.

Frying pan and skillet

These shallow pans have sloping sides and a wide, flat cooking surface. Unlike saucepans, they are mainly used for cooking foods quickly over a high heat.
Best for - cooking at higher heats.

Sauté pans

Similar to a frying pan but deeper and with straight sides instead of sloping ones. They are specifically designed for searing meat and sautéing foods like vegetables.
Best for - cooking multiple ingredients together.


A wok is a pan with a round bottom and high, slanted sides. It is commonly used in Asian cooking for braising, deep-frying, searing, steaming and stir-frying foods.
Best for - quickly searing and stir-frying.

Griddle pans

Round or square in shape, these pans have raised ridges to keep food above the juices that are released during the cooking process. They are mostly used for grilling and searing meat.
Best for - healthier frying.

Stock pots

Stock pots allow you to cook dishes like soups, stews and casseroles in large quantities. They traditionally come with a covering lid and two side handles for lifting.
Best for - stews, stocks and soups.

Types of cookware materials

Different materials have different benefits, so make sure you choose one which suits your needs.

Set of aluminium pans.

Aluminium cookware

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent heat conductor - heats quickly, cooks evenly
  • Easy to clean
Set of stainless steel pots and pans.

Stainless steel cookware

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-reactive with foods
  • Resistant to scratching, chipping, flaking and peeling
Set of different sized hard-anodised pans.

Hard-anodised cookware

  • Electrochemically treated to give a hard surface
  • Highly durable
  • Cooks food quickly and evenly
  • Non-stick
Set of different sized pans with copper-bottoms.

Copper-bottom cookware

  • Superb heat distribution
  • Heats quickly and evenly
  • High-shine, good looks
  • Scratch resistant
Set of 3 copper pans.

Copper tri-ply cookware

  • Combines the benefits of 3 materials
  • Excellent heat retention - food still cooks even after heat is switched off
  • Durable and long lasting
Cast iron stockpot.

Cast iron cookware

  • Heavily weighted
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for slow cooking
  • Shop cast iron cookware


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