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Lawnmowers at the ready. The weather’s changing and everything’s growing. Time to get your garden ready so it looks totally stunning this year.

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Get ready for sunshine

Sun's out? Don’t miss out! We have stunning garden furniture to suit lots of garden sizes and styles - so you can enjoy every burst of sunshine summer has to offer.

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Helpful How To's

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Gardening wellbeing

TV gardening expert David Domoney recommends 30 minutes of daily gardening to help Britain reap the benefits. New research from Argos has shown that 78% of regular gardeners claims it reduces their stress levels and 80% report better sleep. It also found the average green-fingered Brit can burn 632 more calories vs. non-gardeners per month. Check out below David’s top tips for making the most of your time in the garden.

A cut above

Mowing regularly keeps the lawn healthy, and you too! 30 minutes mowing can burn around 180 calories - more with a push lawnmower.

Dig to de-stress

Digging is a great cardio work out and way to de-stress. You can burn up to 250 calories an hour when digging heavy soil.

Rake in the benefits

Raking is vital to letting your lawn and plants breathe. Raking will work your upper body and burns around 120 calories for 30 minutes.

Tackle the weeds

Pulling up those out of control weeds and planting new flowers, can really get your blood flowing and burn up to 80 calories per hour.

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