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Living room accessories

From comfy cushions to light-up-the-room lamps, here’s all you need to stamp your style on your living room.

Living room accessories.

Living room colour ideas

Having a defined colour scheme in your living room will not only tie all your accessories together, but will also give the space a more harmonious look. If you're wondering which colours to choose in your design, here's a few of our favourite trends.

Copper home accessories

Use copper in your décor to create a look that's both modern and inviting.

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Lustrous lighting

Copper lighting can serve as an inspiration for a host of different styles, from contemporary through to rustic and industrial. It offers both warmth and character, which is great if you’re going for a cosy look in your living room.

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    Time to shine

    Copper lends itself well to experimentation, so why not go all-out with a copper clock to draw attention to your walls. Hang it above a sideboard with other metallic objects, or let it stand-alone as a decorative accent piece.

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      Copper accents

      When used in accessories such as vases, lamps and side tables, copper can make a great statement. Pair with darker colours like black and midnight blue to create a stunning contrast, or use as an accent to an otherwise neutral space.

      Our top copper picks

      Rose gold home accessories

      This metallic tone has a rosy sheen - perfect for softer, feminine looks.

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      Add a touch of luxe

      With a romantic, elegant feel, rose gold offers a chic alternative to the traditional metallic tones of silver and gold. When worked into your living room design, this pinkish-tinged metal gives the entire space a more luxe feel.

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      Create a golden glow

      Put some shine into your living room with some rose gold lighting. From pendants and ceiling lights to floor and table lamps, there are a variety of ways this colour trend can be incorporated into your lighting scheme.

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      Blend with neutrals

      Rose gold is a great accent for accessories, especially when combined with neutral, grey tones. Try incorporating it into your living room décor, either as background decoration or a striking focal feature.

      Our top rose gold picks

      Mustard home accessories

      A little mustard finishes a room off beautifully.

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      Warm up white décor

      If you feel your living room is a bit stark, try introducing pops of mustard yellow by way of accessories such as rugs, curtains and furniture. Placed against a backdrop of white or grey, it can change the whole vibe of a room.

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        Pep up a sofa

        Want to update a navy or grey sofa? Try swapping out the scatter cushions for some mustard ones instead. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring colour into your living room, and will also give your couch a more modern look.

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          Create a focal point

          A mustard rug makes a fabulous focal point. Not only does it add comfort and visual warmth, it can tie the look of a whole room together. Team with a neutral colour scheme of greys and white to create maximum impact.

            Our top mustard picks

            Grey home accessories

            Incredibly versatile, grey goes with almost anything.

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            Shades of grey

            The rich and varied shades of grey make it easy to style in your living room. Try pairing lighter grey accessories with a darker charcoal palette to create a chic interior scheme.

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              Mix in metallic elements

              Combine tonal grey shades with hints of copper, silver and gold for an on-trend look. Opt for a few key accessories or a larger, feature piece that draws attention to the space.

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                Pair with pastels

                Soft pastel shades such as blush pink and powder blue bring a sense of calm to a grey space. Introduce them into your scheme through soft furnishings and accessories.

                Our top grey picks

                Blush pink home accessories

                A hint of pink instantly lifts a space.

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                Think pink

                You can introduce blush pink to your décor through the addition of a few home accessories such as cushions, rugs and throws. For an easy update, try replacing an existing lampshade with a blush pink alternative.

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                  Brighten up neutrals

                  The soft pale hue of blush pink mixes beautifully with neutral tones, especially grey. You can use it to warm up white walls or light-grey furniture, to prevent the overall scheme from becoming too cold or monotone.

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                    Blend with metallics

                    Pairing a rosy, blush pink with metallics such as silver and gold will give your scheme a contemporary edge. If you have an industrial-style space, adding some blush pink textiles and accent pieces will soften the look.

                      Our top blush pink picks

                      Navy home accessories

                      Navy blue is timeless, and can be used to create drama.

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                      Make a statement

                      A navy blue rug is a great way to add a touch of navy to an all-white living room. Lay it in the centre of the room to pull the rest of the scheme together.

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                        Layer with neutrals

                        Navy accessories can be paired with neutral furniture to create a fresh and sophisticated look. Try draping a navy throw over a grey or beige sofa to give it a new lease of life.

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                          Create a cool contrast

                          Even when used sparingly, navy can have a great impact. Look for navy accessories like lamps, candles and vases that contrast well with the other colours in the room.

                            Our top navy picks

                            Soft furnishings

                            All you need to give your living room the cosy factor.

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                            Instantly style up a sofa by scattering a selection of decorative cushions on top.

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                            When you drape a throw over the back of a sofa, comfort is always within reach.

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                            Whether plain or patterned, a rug makes a real style statement.

                            Wall accessories

                            Make good use of unused wall space with these functional and stylish additions.

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                            Hanging a mirror on a wall can make a living room seem more spacious.

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                            Photo frames

                            Placed on walls or tables, photo frames bring a personal touch to your décor.

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                            A set of shelves can turn a wall into a useful storage space.

                            Living room lighting ideas

                            Shine a light on your style.

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                            The soft lighting that lamps provide brings a cosy ambiance to any interior.

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                            Ceiling lights

                            Ceiling lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find a style to suit your space.

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                            Lamp shades

                            Give your lighting a lift with a creative lamp shade design.


                            Accessories that tie a room together.

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                            As well as being a place to rest your legs, these also provide extra seating for guests.

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                            Candles and reed diffusers

                            Enhance the ambiance of the room with candles and reed diffusers.

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                            Incorporating ornaments into living room décor is a great way to express your personal style.

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