Easter egg hunt ideas

Cracking quests for happy bunnies.

Easter egg hunt ideas.

Happy hunting

Have a classic Easter hunt

Place your eggs around your home and garden, but be sure to leave some clues for your little chicks to find them! Want to make sure everyone gets a prize? Have everyone look for one colour, or have older chicks help younger ones.

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Have a crafty Easter hunt

For an extra fun activity, have everyone personalise their eggs before the Easter Bunny can hide them away. Afterwards, you can add their creations to your Easter tree as part of a dinnertime display.

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Think outside the chocolate box

Want the prizes to be a smash, but also avoid a sugar crash? There are plenty of toys they might love instead, including some which hatch. You could even include some little treat notes inside the eggs, so they can win a movie night, favourite meal or day out.

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Play some Easter games

The Easter fun doesn't have to be limited to the hunt - have some extra games to keep everyone busy. Egg and spoon races are a classic (see our list for a mess-free version), and there's plenty of others if the weather isn't playing ball.

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Easter decorations

Set the scene for the Easter bunny

Make Easter time magical with some festive decorations. From bunnies to bunting, from chicks to chocolate, there are plenty of ways to make a springtime display.

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Plan the perfect Easter

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