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Coding for kids

Help kids get to grips with coding, computing and learning through technology. Toys and kid-friendly devices can help drive their interest in coding, programming and new technologies.

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Code is the language that computers speak. By learning code, kids can understand how to make technology perform certain tasks and actions. While this may sound technical, there’s a wide range of toys that make learning code fun and easy. Encouraging an interest in coding can lay the groundwork for a future in computing, programming and game development.

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How coding works

1 - Enter actions

There’s loads of ways that kids can learn how to code. Many toys expand their understanding through problem solving, challenging them to enter the correct combination of actions to solve a puzzle.

2 - Solve puzzles

A popular method is the use of challenge courses, where kids must program a toy to move through a path in a certain sequence. By coding the toy to go forward, back, left or right, it can be programmed to navigate through the course.

3 - Learn the language

As well as physical coding toys, there are also several games and apps that promote coding. These have their own language of code, which is created just for children to help them learn the basics. Blockly and Scratch are two of the most popular online coding platforms.

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Giving them a robot companion can not only be fun, but also educational. Many kids’ robots answer to voice commands or hand gestures, helping them to understand the ways that we can communicate with technology. Some also feature a separate app, which can be used to program the robot to perform new actions, play games and keep them learning.

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Laptops and tablets

There’s a range of laptops and tablets made specifically for kids. Featuring only child-friendly apps, they can encourage e-learning and interactive play. Ideal as an introduction to portable tech, before they receive their own device in the future.

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Nintendo Labo

Games consoles can be more than just for fun. The Nintendo Labo add-ons for the Nintendo Switch combine creativity and technology, giving them more ways to enjoy gaming. So far there’s a fishing rod, keyboard, robot and much more, providing a great mix of gaming and learning.

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Animation and filming is great for creative kids. Animation sets allow kids to make their own stop-motion films, through the use of a camera or smartphone – enabling them to show their imaginative side through technology.

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Why buy at Argos?

If your child is a gadget lover and can’t get enough of tinkering with tech we’ve got plenty of options to keep them entertained. Harry Potter fans will love the Harry Potter coding wand which comes with all the parts needed to build your very own programmable wand. Once the wand is built your child can learn key elements of coding by using a wand to interact with an app on a tablet.

For younger children, we have a range of kids’ laptops which will help them get to grips with a computer in an age-appropriate way. These computers come loaded with a range of educational games that will help your child with spelling, maths and more.

Our range of educational toys also includes science toys, which will let your child learn about biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and other scientific subjects. Whether they want a planetarium for their bedroom, or a chemistry set to carry out experiments in the kitchen, there’s something for all little scientists. And for pure entertainment get them puzzles from our range, which includes traditional jigsaw puzzles and complex 3D puzzles.