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Choosing the best dishwasher

Looking for a new dishwasher? Our guide is here to help you find the best one for your home.

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Choosing the best dishwasher.

Why buy a dishwasher?

There's lots of reasons to consider buying a dishwasher. You can save time, by no longer having to wash up in the sink and also prevent dirty dishes from piling up on your kitchen counters. Dishwashers also use less water than it takes to wash up using the sink. But before you buy, there's a couple of things you need to consider.

Will it fit? -  It's vital that you measure up before you buy. You need a space that's wide and tall enough to fit a dishwasher - and it's also worth checking the depth to make sure it won't stick out once installed.

Have you got the right connections? - To correctly install a dishwasher, it needs to connect to a power source, a water supply and drainage. You won't be able to use your new machine without all of these connections.

What's the best dishwasher for me?

Full-size dishwasher

Full-size dishwashers offer the most place settings, but take up the most room in your home.

Slimline dishwasher

Slimline dishwashers have a thin and compact design that makes them perfect for flats and smaller spaces, such as utility rooms.

Integrated dishwasher

Looking for a new or replacement integrated dishwasher instead? We have both full size and slimline options to choose from.

Quiet dishwasher

Quiet Mark dishwashers are approved as being sound efficient - helping to reduce unnecessary noise pollution.

Smart dishwasher

Connect your dishwasher to your phone to programme and keep track of your washes.

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Want to see them all? View our full range of dishwashers, including full size, slimline, integrated and more.

Dishwasher features

The key features you need to know before you buy.

-Place settings -  Every dishwasher has space for a number of place settings. A place setting equals one plate or bowl and the more place settings a dishwasher has, the more you can put on in one wash.

-Flexible rack and baskets - This feature lets you configure the trays inside your dishwasher depending on what you're washing. Ideal if you need to wash bigger items like casserole dishes or saucepans.

-Energy efficiency - Every dishwasher has an energy rating, with A+++ being the most efficient. Having a more efficient dishwasher can mean it uses less water and even save you money on your energy bills.

-Delayed start - This feature lets you choose the time that you want your wash to start.

-Sensor wash - Dishwashers with a sensor can adjust the water and intensity used in a wash if all of the racks aren't used - whilst still ensuring that dishes are thoroughly cleaned.

-Wi-Fi and NFC – A dishwasher with NFC or Wi-Fi can be connected to your smartphone and controlled through an app. This lets you program washes and check on your washes, as well as view information from the brand.

-Anti-flood protection – This feature prevents your machine from flooding if water builds up during a wash.

-Temperature settings - Some dishwashers let you change the temperature of each wash. Higher temperatures are best for intensive washes, but use more energy, while lower temperatures do the opposite.

    Dishwasher programmes

    Quick wash

    An economic wash that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.


    A lower intensity wash that uses less water and energy.


      An intensive wash that provides a deep clean.

      Baby care

      An intensive wash that removes more detergent.


      A wash that goes particularly easy on your glassware.


      A wash that uses less water depending on the size of the load.


      A standard wash for everyday use.

        Recycling & installation

        Getting your new dishwasher up and running couldn't be easier. You can book for us to install your new appliance when it's delivered, and take away your old item to be recycled.

        Check here for our latest updates to this service.

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