Educational Toys for 4-5 Year Olds

As your little one grows, try different experiences, harder challenges and new activities to increase their mind’s, body’s and social capabilities.

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Educational Toys for 4-5 Year Olds.

Brain development Shop all

Encourage their curiousity

Your child will have a strong understanding of everyday things such as money, food or travel. Their memory is expanding and their attention extending as they become excited and motivated to learn new things.

Activities to try...

Board games

Mix it up and choose games that'll test your child's memory, problem solving and logic. Games will help build their patience and attention span, plus they're fun!

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STEM toys

Introduce them to key subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths. There's a huge variety of activities, helping to prepare them for school.

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Physical development Shop all

Fine & gross motor skills

Smaller muscle skills such as getting dressed, fastening buttons and holding a pencil are helping your child prepare for school. Whilst gross motor skills, are developing their posture and endurance, so they can cope with a full day of learning.

Activities to try...

Musical statues

Dancing is a great way to work their core muscles. When you pause the music, they have to freeze in the position they’re in until it plays again. Anyone who moves, is out!

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Paper collage

Using child-safe scissors, get your child to cut shapes out of coloured paper. Glue the shapes onto another piece of paper, creating a picture. They can add to it with more shapes or their own drawings to develop their fine motor skills.

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Use 8 squares to create a hopscotch course. Throw a beanbag or toy onto a square, then hop to the end and back, missing the square where the toy has landed.

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Social skillsShop all

Communication & friendship

By now, friendships are built around similar interests, especially as their knowledge is constantly developing. They'll be interested in group activities – building on their awareness of rules and turn-taking as well as emotions and empathy. 

Activities to try...

Story stones

Paint different pictures from their favourite story, onto clean dry pebbles. Use as many as you need for characters and objects. Retell the story using the pebbles. Allow your child to retell it too, or even make up their own.

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Role play

Shop, cook, clean or build. Encourage them to use their imaginations to create their own little worlds. Why not invite friends or family to join in too?

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Blanket fort

Let them build their very own secret spot, with blankets, cushions, pegs and more. This will help build teamwork and problem solving skills.

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