Educational Toys for 12 - 24 Months

Let your child learn through play as their favourite games, songs and books encourage all the different abilities they’ll use in their everyday life.

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Educational Toys for 12 - 24 Months.

Brain development Shop all

Making positive connections

You’ll see your little ones trying to solve problems, such as sorting shapes and colours, or following objects you’ve hidden. Encourage them to test new abilities like shaking or banging as they explore the effects.

Activities to try...

Water tables

With a water table, encourage your child to experiment filling and emptying different containers. Add different utensils and materials for them to explore, like ice cubes or sponges.

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Activity tables

With a range of shapes, sounds, colours and movements, activity tables allow your little one to explore how things work.

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Physical development Shop all

Fine & gross motor skills

Your child will use their fine motor skills to synchronise smaller muscles like hands, feet and eyes for everyday movements. Gross motor skills engage their larger core muscles, helping bigger movements like walking.

Activities to try...

Obstacle course

Set up a soft and squishy obstacle course for your baby to crawl, climb and walk through, allowing them to roam freely. This will help to build their muscle strength.

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Chasing bubbles

Encourage your child to use their gross motor skills to sit, stand, chase and reach, as the bubbles float in different directions.

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Shape sorting

To develop fine motor skills, choose from a variety of colours, shapes and themes, allowing your little one to figure out which shape fits where.

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Social skillsShop all

Communication & friendship

An important part of your child’s development is their ability to communicate. This can be through facial expressions, body language or short sentences. Although independent play is a big part of their lives, they’ll soon be interacting with others.

Activities to try...

Read together

Cuddle up and read to your baby. Bring the story to life through funny voices, noises and talking about the story. Ask your child to point to things to keep their attention.

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Simply hide your face in your child’s line of vision and pop back out with a happy expression, while making a ‘boo’ sound.

Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes help your baby learn new vocabulary. By using actions, you can help them remember the song.

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