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We know how important it is to get around, especially when it comes to travelling with kids and pets, or in difficult weather conditions. So we've pulled together a few things to help you get you on your way. From in-car tech to electric charging cables, or pressure washers to tyre inflators, we've got it all. Let us help you take care of your car for a safe and joyful journey.

Travelling by car

Scorching summers, sudden rains or icy winters, keep your car ready, whatever the weather. Taking the family and need to fit everything in? Get set with all the gear and make loading the car a breeze.

A cute dog sitting in the car.

Summer driving

Enjoying the summer is one thing, but keeping cool in the heat is another. Stay hydrated and plan ahead, and make sure you pack all your hot weather essentials.

Winter snow in the United Kingdom.

Winter driving

From heated seat covers and torches to jump starters and dashcams, cold weather driving is all about taking your time and being prepared.

A Binatone full HD quick release dash cam installed in a car.

In-car tech

Sat navs plan your route and keep you ahead of any traffic jams and problems. Dash cams give you peace of mind for your journey. That's your co-pilot sorted!

 Juice power delivery triple port car charger.

Car phone chargers

Stay ready for on-demand music, important calls or a family member wanting to catch up on their favourite show. In-car chargers are your best friend on a long journey.

A young boy in the car.

Travelling with kids

It's only a matter of time before they start asking you, "Are we nearly there yet?" Plug them into their favourite show or game to make the miles fly by.

 A dog sitting on a car seat covered with Petface pet seat cover.

Travelling with pets

Keep them comfy, keep them safe. But protect your car too. Muddy paws are fun outside, but not so good on your clean seats. Don't forget their toys!

A bike on a bike rack behind the car.

Roof racks and bike racks

Fully loaded? Make space by putting your bike on a rack and send all your luggage on the roof. Just make sure it's fully secured.

A car on the road.

Total car care

Need more ideas? Explore our total car care collection to find more helpful accessories.

Car maintenance quick shop

Did you know? Keeping your car at its best will improve safety and your car's reliability, plus it'll help to retain its value. Here are our 7 car care must-haves:

Cleaning your car

A quick wash or a deep clean and polish - whichever you choose, inside or out, your car will look and feel better for it.

Car batteries.

Car washing

Pressure washers are an easy and effective way of removing dirt and mud off your car. Simply pre-rinse, apply detergent, sponge and rinse off. Depending on your needs, they also come with various attachments to help you with other tasks such as cleaning patios and driveways. Great all-rounders, some pressure washers can even help you save water.

Shop pressure washers

No pressure washer? No problem. A good old bucket and hosepipe attached to your outside tap will do the job. Just pre-rinse, sponge on the suds and rinse off. We've got hoses of different lengths, wall-mounted hoses, hoses with trolleys and more.

Shop hoses and car cleaning

Time for a polish? We can help with that too.

A person claening their car using a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Car interior cleaning

Keep the inside of your car looking its best too. Vacuum your car thoroughly every few days and wipe down the interior surfaces with a soft cloth. Remember to clean the inside of your windows to reduce smears and glare.

Black seat covers on all the seats of a car.

Car seat covers

Protect your seats with a set of car seat covers. From spills and stains, to pet hair and dirt, they help to keep your upholstery fresh and clean. Some even come with added comfort.

A black carpet mat in a car.

Car mats

Car mats keep your car carpets in tip top condition. Easy to remove and clean, they protect your car's interior from dirty shoes. And if they wear out, they're easy to replace for an instant refresh.

Car care and maintenance

Pumped up? Prepare for every journey with these car care accessories that'll help keep your car safe and roadworthy, and avoid breakdowns.

A person using a Challenge analogue tyre inflator.

Tyre inflators

Tyre inflators allow you to easily inflate your tyres anytime, anywhere. A proper tyre inflation promotes better fuel efficiency, tyre longevity, and safer driving conditions.

 A person removing the car battery from a car.

Battery maintenance

Your car battery is an essential part of your vehicle, and it's important to keep it in top condition and fully charged.

Trolley jack & axle stands.

Car tools

From jacks to tool sets, tarpaulins and car covers to Bluetooth transmitters, here are some car tools for extra reassurance.

A person charging their EV using an electric charging cable.

Electric car charging cables

Charging cables are the lifeline of your EV. Ensure you have one that's long enough and compatible with your car, and take it with you in case you ever need an unexpected recharge.

Car security

Secure your car when you're away

Locking all the doors and windows, parking in well-lit areas, and not leaving visible valuables in your car are all great ways to protect your car when you're not using it. But using anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks and wheel alarms will give you added peace of mind. Make sure you never leave your spare keys inside. To protect against keyless car theft, use a signal blocking pouch and store your keys well away from doors and windows.

Shop car security devices

FORCES - 6 things to regularly check to avoid a car breakdown

For a seamless drive, make sure you get your car regularly serviced and checked by a professional automotive technician. Also, for every journey, and for your peace of mind, always remember the acronym FORCES to help you know what to check:

A man pumping fuel in a car at a gas station.

F- Fuel

Make sure you have enough fuel for your journey.

A person pouring oil in the car.

O - Oil

Keep your oil topped up to prevent engine damage.

A close-up shot of aluminium rim of a luxury car wheel.

R - Rubber

Check your tyres for wear and tear, and keep the pressures topped up.

A person pouring coolant in the car.

C - Coolant

Top up regularly to avoid a frozen or overheated engine.

Headlight of a car.

E - Electrics

Does everything work? Check headlights, fog lights, wipers, and number plate lights.

A person pouring screen wash in a car.

S - Screen wash

Dirty windscreens are your biggest enemy so top up regularly.

Top car care equipment

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