Blank wall ideas


How to make the most of your walls

Adding features is a great way to bring your walls to life, and it’s all about maximising the space you have. Large clocks and mirrors can do more than just tell the time and show you how you look, they can complement your home design and fill an otherwise unused space.

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Wooden clocks

With a warm and natural design, they’re a perfect partner to rustic furniture or a beige colour scheme.

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Metallic clocks

Ideal fit for a sleek, modern room – they work best with white furniture and minimalist themes.

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Roman numeral clocks

Clocks with Roman numerals add an elegant touch – evoking a classic style associated with vintage station clocks and Big Ben.

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Kitchen clocks

Keep it effortlessly simple with a contemporary clock, free of numbers and numerals.

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Oversized wall clocks

Less about practicality and more about design, an oversized clock is there to make a statement.

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Statement mirrors

When properly placed, a mirror can enhance a room by reflecting light and making the space appear larger.

How to choose the best mirror

Different mirrors work better in different rooms. Bigger mirrors distribute more light, and are best suited to bedrooms and living rooms. Smaller mirrors, obviously, reflect less, but they’re a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, for putting on make-up or styling hair.

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Tall or wide mirrors

Large mirrors come in designs that suit being hung up vertically and horizontally. Tall mirrors are a popular choice for bedrooms or hallways, as they give you full view of yourself before you go out. Wide mirrors work well in living rooms as a statement piece to add an extra bit of flair to a bare wall.

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Freestanding mirror

If you’re after a mirror, but can’t, or don’t want to drill into the wall, your best option is a freestanding mirror. These can be full size and sit against a wall, without having to actually fix them to it.

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The frame of your mirror should match the rest of your room's décor. Wooden frames work well in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens with similar colour furniture, while white frames are a good choice for the bathroom. If you’re looking to make a statement, look out for hammered metal or carved wood designs.

Where to hang your mirror

Practically, you want to hang your mirror in places where you’ll check your appearance. It’s also worth considering which area of a room needs the most light, and which walls are in need of an interesting feature. Many mirrors are a nice fit above the mantelpiece because it adds to your living room's key focal point.

Gallery wall ideas

Gallery walls work well in any room and are a great way to add character and a personal touch to your wall space.

Photo frames

Photo frames, full of personal memories, are a thoughtful addition to your gallery wall and a great way to fill unused space.

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Wall art

Blending wall art with your own photos is a nice way to show your personal taste and an artistic complement to your home style.

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Something different

Add some finishing touches in the form of ticket stubs, postcards and train tickets from memorable days away. Nostalgic, and quirky.

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