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The best coffee machine for your home

We know it's not a "good" morning until you've had the perfect cuppa. Whether you want fuss-free coffee to kickstart your day or enjoy the brewing ritual, there's a coffee machine for you.

A KitchenAid drip filter coffee machine on a counter-top.

Filter coffee machines

For coffee lovers who want it ready in a jiffy. A small step up from the instant coffee you make in a kettle, they use your favourite ground coffee and water to give you that energizing caffeine fix. Filter coffee machines are great for batch brewing, so you can enjoy your coffee whenever you desire.

The only catch is that once you've made the coffee, and if it sits out and stays warm for hours, your drink may lose it's aroma and flavour.

A Philips Sublime L'OR Nespresso pod coffee machine near coffee capsules.

Pod coffee machines

For convenience seekers who want a well-rounded cup with less effort. Just add a capsule with your flavour of choice and the machine will do the rest. They're super quick and easy to use, giving you on-demand drinks, one at a time.

Pod coffee machines are easy on your pocket as compared to bean-to-cup and espresso models, but the cost per drink may go higher due to the cost of pods.

A Melitta Avanza bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Bean-to-cup machines

For coffee aficionados. Bean-to-cup machines have a built-in coffee grinder, which turns coffee beans into your preferred brew. Keep replenishing the beans regularly and you'll never run out of coffee. If you like your coffee with milk, check if the machine comes with a frother or get a separate one.

Whilst these machines cost more than a pod machine, the cost per cup is cheaper as beans tend to be less expensive than pods.

Sage Barista Pro espresso coffee machine.

Espresso coffee machines

For people who want an at-home barista experience, you're in for a real treat. Just as good things take time, this coffee also takes time but gives you the exact flavour you're craving. Before choosing one, check for accessories like milk frother, grinder and tamper if these aren’t included already.

The price per drink is similar to bean-to-cup and lower than pod machines.

What accessories do I need?

It's the little things that make a large difference. Don't underestimate the power of frothy milk, flawless coffee grounds, and a clean machine. From frothers for that perfect foamy brew, to descalers, find everything to help your machine make that indulgent pick-me-up every time.

A Smeg 50's style retro milk frother near different coffees.

Milk frothers

If your coffee maker doesn't have an in-built milk frother, fret not. You can still make your favourite flat white, cappuccino or any other drink you like. Just get a milk frother and create your cup of happiness.

A Smeg 50's style retro coffee bean grinder.

Coffee grinders and tampers

Who doesn't love the aroma of freshly ground coffee? Using a grinder helps to crush coffee beans to your desired grind. And, use a tamper to craft the ideal cup every time.

A person cleaning the coffee machine.


Life's too short for bad coffee. So, if you live in an area with hard water, see a warning light on your machine, have been brewing for longer periods, or are noticing gurgling noises while your coffee's getting ready, it's time for a clean-up.

Matt grey coffee mugs on a counter top.

Coffee mugs

Big, bright and brew-tiful or small, solid and simple? Pick whatever you like your coffee in. And if you prefer to have coffee on the go, why not treat yourself to a cool travel mug!

Coffee types

A cup of espresso.


Concentrated coffee, often served like a shot. Espresso is strong and flavoursome and there are no bells and whistles like other options. The truest coffee experience you can get.

A cup of americano.


A shot of espresso, mixed with hot water. You get to decide the ratio of coffee and water. Americano doesn't include milk or cream. Think of it like a diluted espresso that you can enjoy for a little longer.

A glass of flat white coffee.

Flat white

Cappuccino meets an americano mid-way. Flat white is made by pouring micro-foamed milk over a single or double shot of espresso. If you're wondering, the milk is what gives it a creamy texture.

A cup of cappuccino.


One of the most-liked coffee types, cappuccino is made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam. It often comes with a sprinkling of chocolate too, probably why it’s so popular.

A cup of latte.


Milky goodness in a cup. A latte is made with 1 or 2 shots of espresso, topped with steamed milk and a layer of micro-foam (frothy milk with tiny bubbles).

A cup of mocha coffee.


The perfect marriage of your fave flavours. A mocha coffee is a winning blend of espresso and chocolate, topped with milk or cream.

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Are you or someone you know a coffee connoisseur? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a special selection of products dedicated to all the self-proclaimed bean experts and caffeine enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the slow grind of bean-to-cup models or the fast brew of a coffee-pod machine, you’ll find the perfect gift to treat yourself or someone who appreciates a quality cup of coffee just like you do.

Coffee machines
Whether you need a cup of fresh homemade coffee in the morning or a mid-day pick me up in the office, our coffee machines come in different sizes and offer varied functions, so you can have your desired brew whenever you like, just the way you like it. There’s no doubt the coffee lover you’re gifting is already clued up on the latest machines and methods of making coffee so, we’re here to help you pick the right one. Check out our Nespresso machines, widely loved and wildly recommended, you simply cannot go wrong. They’ll feel like a certified barista with one of our stylish coffee machines sat on their kitchen counter top. Choose from compact designs or more traditional café style models for a coffee making experience like no other!

Coffee making accessories
There’s nothing like a fresh, full-bodied and rich cup of coffee in the morning and if you enjoy a more personal and raw coffee making experience then our coffee grinders are a must-have. Achieve the perfect texture and intensity with our stylish coffee grinders. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of your favourite coffee bean made precisely how you like it, every time.

Coffee cups
For such a sophisticated drink, it’s only right that you have an equally glamourous cup for your brew to flow in to. Sip your coffee in style with our glass coffee cups for a modern yet chic drinking experience; pair with one of our beautiful placemats and coasters for a look that’s totally Instagram worthy. Or if you prefer the traditional ceramic feel of a coffee cup in your hands, then our mugs would be the perfect finishing touch to complete your experience. Choose from modern or contemporary mug designs for a minimal touch or traditional patterns for a charming and rustic look. For the coffee lovers that are always on the go, get them a trusty travel mug to keep their drink warm and on hand throughout their busy day.