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Bed size guide

Choose the bed frame or divan bed that's the perfect fit for your room with our guide to bed sizes and dimensions.

Image of a kingsize double bed.

Bed sizes and dimensions

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An ottoman single bed frame in oak effect in a white bedroom.

Single bed size

  • Width 90cm, length 190cm
  • Single beds, as expected, are designed just for one person. Perfect for spare rooms and big kids who've outgrown their toddler beds.
A Habitat double bed velvet frame in green.

Double bed size

  • Width 135cm, length 190cm
  • Doubles are the same length as a single, but wider. Ideal for couples or individuals that like to stretch out.
A kingsize side opening ottoman bed frame in navy blue.

Kingsize bed size

  • Width 150cm, length 200cm
  • Kingsize beds are wider and longer than doubles. Great if you’re tall, or don’t like fighting for the covers.
Superking bed size.

Superking bed size

  • Width 180 cm, length 200cm
  • Superkings are even wider than a kingsize, but are the same length. Ideal for larger master bedrooms.
A pink small double end lift ottoman bed frame with a fur ceiling lamp hanging over it.

Small double bed size

  • Width 120 cm, length 190cm
  • Small doubles are a narrower style of double bed, perfect if you’re short on space in a bedroom. 
A grey and white Habitat shorty mid sleeper in a green bedroom.

Shorty bed size

  • Width 75cm, length 175cm
  • Shortys are a type of single bed with less width and length, designed as a first proper bed for older children.
Habitat Brooklyn white toddler bed with drawer.

Toddler bed size

  • Width 70cm, length 140cm
  • Toddler beds are even smaller than shortys and are best suited to younger children.

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A Habitat double bed frame in yellow.

Bed frames

Just in need of a new bed frame to match your mattress? Choose from single, double, kingsize,  superking and small double options.

Divan beds

Choose a Divan bed for the whole bed frame and mattress in one. They’re available in single, double, kingsize, superking and small double sizes.

Bed sizes - things you need to know

What sizes are available?

From smallest to largest, the four most common sizes of bed or mattress are single, double, kingsize and super kingsize. There are some additional size choices for mattresses and bed frames, including small double, shorty and toddler.

Mattress size vs frame size

The size of a mattress and bed frame will always match; meaning a double mattress will fit on a double bed frame and so on. There’s no matching required with a divan bed, as it is a mattress and bed frame all-in-one.

Choosing a mattress or divan bed?

The size is generally standardised, meaning wherever you buy from in the UK – it should be the same size. The size of bed frames can vary depending on the design, so the sizes below are only for mattresses and divan beds. And remember, a mattress should always fit on a bed frame of the same size.

More bed buying considerations

To me, to you

There are two main considerations when choosing the right bed size. Firstly, will it fit in the room of your choice? You might like the room and comfort that a larger bed offers, but how much space will that leave for any wardrobes or other bedroom furniture? The second consideration is whether you can get it to its new home. Will the bed or mattress fit through your front door and up any stairs?

Don't get cold feet

If you’re a touch on the tall side, you might want a bed that doesn’t leave your feet dangling, or leaving you having to sleep diagonally. Kingsize beds offer 10cm more length than a double, which might be the difference between waking up to cold feet or not.


We can take away your old mattress when we deliver your new one. We'll send you a recycling bag to place over it before we take it away and dispose of it responsibly.

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